Monday, February 22, 2010

She's Mine!

For the last hour I have been cropping Gwen's happy birthday photos in Photoshop to share. We took several pictures and video last night of her birthday party. I'll get into all of that and why we celebrated her birthday early in another post.

I made sure to get some cute pictures this morning of Gwen in the new outfit my mom sent. I have been near tears ever since! This adorable little girl is mine. I can't get over it. She is my baby, who really isn't much of a baby anymore.

First of all, the outfit is so cute I can't stand it! My mom was so worried it wouldn't fit because Gwen has been in size 3T for about 6 months now. It fits perfectly and will be fun for her to wear when it warms up. For now she is wearing it inside.

Funny side note about weather . . . I talked to my sister last week. She was cooped up in her house with her baby girl. I was outside while Parker and Gwen played. She was so jealous that my kids can play outside in February! I jokingly told her that she needs to move. Apparently she talked to my mom later and said, "That's it. We're moving to California!" If only she could! Well Candi if it makes you feel any better today is the nicest day for the next week with a high of 61. The rest of the week should be rainy and cold again.

As I was taking these pictures I could not believe how grown up Gwen looks. She looks every bit the two years old she is.

When I was pregnant with Gwen I would try to make out her face in ultrasound pictures. She was very uncooperative when it came to fetal photos. If the rare occurance came when she would allow her face to show the picture came out so fuzzy.

There was no way I could imagine what she would look like. The boys have always looked the way they do now. Even in ultrasound pictures they look the same. But black and white ultrasound pictures make it hard to imagine what one's child will look like once they are born.

I assumed Gwen was going to be blonde. Gavin and Parker were so why not go for broke and have a blonde girl too. It shouldn't matter but it thrills me to no end that she has been brunette all along. Her hair is my hair. Except she has been blessed with curls while I paid $80 a year to achieve the same look. She is my only child with brown eyes too. My brown eyed girl.

I stared at all my babies faces wondering what they would look like when they got older. They look the same but somehow when they're little it's hard to imagine them looking more mature. I never would have guessed that baby girl I held in my arms two years ago would ever look like the Little Miss I am in awe of every day.

Still pretty attached to those fingers.

She is too cute.

And she's all mine!

4 thoughts:

Heath Westover said...

And mine too!

sugarpierdh said...

Happy Birthday Miss Gwen! You look Beautiful!

Becca Jane said...

Do you know how to make your pictures really big? These would look adorable like that.
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY cutie Gwen! We love you!!

Dawn said...

Hey, we get a share of her too! She is BEAUTIFUL.