Friday, February 5, 2010

Student Say What

I found this today in a dusty folder. It made me laugh as I remembered my sixth graders.

Bell Work

In June of 1963, Congress voted to guarantee women equal pay for equal work. America would soon find that this was difficult to enforce. Describe some problems that might be related to enforcing this law.

(the response with misspellings included)
The women would probably get hurt if they are working for something with things that are heavey. And if there was a fire they have to let the girls out first, And alot of the guy's would die.

I'm so glad I was able to do my part in shaping the future. I hope that Dawn smiles at this. Heath convinced me I had to post just in case she hobbled her way into her home office to see if I posted anything new. Dawn, this was for you. We love you and hope your foot feels better soon.

2 thoughts:

Rhonda.Dzierzon said...

I love that response. It was classic! Of course the girls will have to go out first and a lot of the guys would die...

Dawn said...

Thank you for the smile! I did not make it to the computer until today. Grandma had the room occupied and dsd had mover the chair out to the living room so I had no where to set. I LOVE your posts and I am really looking forward to the Gwen enhanced card from Parker.