Friday, February 19, 2010

Terrible/Terrific Two’s

I love the stage I’m at in life.  When I was pregnant with Gwen I remember dreaming of the day I would have a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and a 6 year old.  In three days that dream will become reality.  It will only last for five short months so I better make the most of it. 

Two year olds have got to be my favorite.  My boys were so angelically sweet at age two.  I know I posted a lot about Parker pushing my buttons at that age but he still melted my heart with his ear to ear grin. 

Gwen is such an adorable little girl.  She has Heath and me completely smitten and wrapped around her little finger.  I had no idea what power little girls can have.  You always hear about feminine wiles.  I have to admit it’s true.  There is something absolutely mystifying about little girls. 

I’m thrilled to be entering the two year old phase again.  It hasn’t let me down yet.  In fact, the boys saved all the “terribleness” for when they were 3.  I believed we did the terrible 3’s and not the terrible 2’s.  I wonder if that will stay true with Gwen, the girl who is so similar yet so completely different from everyone in her family. 

She already has some attitude to her.  I can’t help but laugh at it.  She will emphatically fold her arms across her chest, huff loudly, and pout.  Oh my gosh it is too funny! 

I can understand 98% of what she says.  She is very verbal and says amazing things and makes connections that almost seem too mature for a little one her age.  I love it. 

This morning I asked her to choose a shirt.  She kept saying “dizzy” and it took me a second to realize she was pointing at her green “Dance yourself dizzy” shirt.  I had no idea she remembered what it said!  She calls her purple “I love music” shirt “monkey face” because it has a cute monkey with ear buds and an MP3 player on it.  “Monkey face” I get.  But “dizzy” blew me away. 

My friend had a sheet of shiny heart stickers she was letting the kids stick on themselves.  She asked Gwen if she wanted red or pink.  Gwen said red while pointing at the red sticker.  My friend was impressed and commented on how Gwen already knew her colors.  I said, “I haven’t taught her colors yet.”  Then we got into a conversation about how kids seem to just pick up on things.  When Gavin was this age I remember asking him what they taught him in Nursery because I never taught him half the things he just knew.  My friend tells herself they get it from TV.  Maybe she’s right.  I don’t know where they pick up on this stuff.

We are all looking forward to Gwen’s birthday.  Gavin has been talking about it non stop for the last month. 

Well, time to hug Gwen some more.  She is too cute.  I almost can’t stand my own life my kids are so amazingly adorable!

3 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

Three has been AWFUL with Cam. Two was nothin'! Well, I know I thought it was tough at the time, but when he hit 3, I was completely blown away with how much tougher it got. I think poor Cam is just destined to be difficult for me no matter what his age or stage. It breaks my heart to say that, but he has been hard for since the day he was born!! cute! Cam has an insane memory, can you imagine how brilliant we'd be if we could continue to soak up information as quickly and cleanly as kids do?

Tristan said...

Some kids just have really stubborn personalities. I try to view it as a good thing (when I'm not ready to strangle someone). You know you won't have to worry about Cameron because he isn't going to be a wishy washy crowd follower. He has an opinion!

Becca Jane said...

I hope you are right Tristan! He's going to be one awesome missionary!!