Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What we’ve been up to

The birthday festivities are finally over.  Thank goodness!  Yesterday the UPS man delivered the last birthday package right as we were getting home from the library.  The kids thought they would die before Heath got home to watch Gwen open the last of her gifts. 

Heath and I congratulate ourselves for nailing it on the perfect gifts for Gwen but Parker is having trouble dealing.  Parker and Gwen play with toys in the same way.  They also like similar types of toys.  He can barely contain his excitement and impulse to play with her toys. 

We saw that we could buy Jessie from Toy Story 2.  We decided it would solve a lot of sibling rivalry since Gwen is always stealing Woody from Parker.  Now Parker is stealing Jessie from Gwen!  He says he wants a Jessie doll for his birthday.  He also cannot wait for his birthday.  It’s going to be a long 5 months I can tell.  Hopefully a trip to Disneyland will take the edge off.  Hopefully. 

Jessie-and-Princess-dress-003 Jessie-and-Princess-dress-011 Jessie-and-Princess-dress-008 Jessie-and-Princess-dress-018 Jessie-and-Princess-dress-019 Jessie-and-Princess-dress-025

Santa gave Gwen a doll for Christmas.  We thought it was the best gift ever for a girl so in love with “babies.”  The doll has never held any magic for her.  Gwen just loves to chew the doll’s hair out of her head while she sleeps.  I have a friend with a thing for biting.  Maybe I need to have a chat with her about Gwen’s obsessive biting and chewing of things like doll hair or stuffed animal sheep fur. 

Even though Gwen couldn’t care less about her Christmas doll she is so in love with her Jessie doll.  She recognized right away that it was Jessie.  She hugs Jessie and even made me kiss Jessie goodnight too.  The trick is getting Parker to let Gwen play with Jessie.  I thought they would play together.  Parker could play with Woody and Buzz and Gwen could have Jessie.  If only dreams could come true . . .

The princess dress, something we thought Gwen would lose her mind over, took backseat to Jessie.  Gwen likes the dress and in a few days I’m sure she will be begging me to help her put on her “pretty dress.”   Until then it’s all about Jessie. 

Yesterday Gwen visited the doctor.  I love this pediatrician as much as I loved the pediatrician we left in Utah.  It’s fun that her youngest is only a couple months younger than Gwen.  I was sad when the doctor said that I don’t need to make another appointment for Gwen for another year.  How did the time fly?  No more sweet doctor telling me over and over how cute and smart my kids are for a year.  Ok, I will see her again in July for the boys.  Phew!

Gwen’s stats:

height 36.5” (98%)
weight 29 lbs (78%)
head 19” (71%)

The nurse had me lay Gwen on the table to measure her height.  I was trying to straighten out her head while he was trying to push her up higher so her legs would fit.  We realized about the same time what was happening.  He said, “She’s too tall for this.  We’ll have to measure her outside.”  So Gwen stood against the wall like the big kids. 

The doctor says that Gwen is right on target developmentally.  She also kept commenting on how tall Gwen is.  She must belong to me and Heath.  All our kids are tall and thin. 

What else has been going on? 

hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-002 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-006 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-008 hugs-and-Gwen's-2-bday-015

Hugs.  Oh so many hugs for no reason.  Hugs and I yuh you’s.  This is extra special to me since I grew up in a family where our only physical contact was to hit each other.  I can count on one hand the times I have hugged my brother.  I can count on one hand with a couple fingers missing the times I hugged my sister.  And I love you’s?  I’m not sure I have ever said those words to my siblings even though I do love them a lot.  These pictures of Gwen hugging her brothers mean a lot to me. 

Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-002 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-003


These were taken on Gwen’s birthday.  Not a new bike.  Parker got it for his second birthday and Gwen took over possession of it at least a year ago.  I just thought I should get a picture of her riding it on her birthday. 

Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-005 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-006 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-008

Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-010 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-011 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-013 Gwen's-outdoor-bday-fun-014

Creativity.  Oh so much creativity.  Gavin covered our back patio in chalk drawn games.  They were all washed away in the rain yesterday.  The other day he made himself a paper parrot which he expertly taped to his shoulder.  Then he made a paper sword.  He put on his pirate hat and dragged in a large box from the garage.  He sat in his “pirate ship” and imagined the afternoon away. 

We have played with friends and each other, gone to the library once a week and run errands.  My kids are so great.  By the end of each day I’m ready to lose my mind, if I haven’t already but those kids really are pretty great.

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Cute pictures! I love the hugs and "I love you's" too. Both are very important. Don't you just love kids' imaginations? These are some of the toughest run around, try and haul all the kids around to do errands, etc. time for us but I have a feeling we're going to really miss our crazy busy lives someday. Cute kids!!!:)

Lori said...

She is truly adorable! And so tall! With such long hair! Poor Annabelle was still totally bald at 2---Gwen looks like a cute little 4 or 5 year old. Glad you guys are doing so well!