Friday, March 19, 2010

Carpe Diem

At 5:55 am, Love is a Battlefield shattered my dreams with explosive energy not yet appropriate for the hour.  My first thought . . . well my first thought was why does the only radio station I can get to come in clearly play so much Pat Benatar?  She wakes me up quite frequently in the morning.  My next thought was something along the lines of carpe diem.  Seize the day.

This was a day worth seizing. 

I don’t know why.  Maybe I finally realized that it was time I have something real to show for my existence on this planet.  I have been in a sluggish slump for months.  Not really a negative, depressing slump.  Just an addiction to laziness and procrastination. 

Today was the day to change all that.  My day. 

I hit the snooze button several times.  Come on!  I’ve been suffering from a severe addiction to laziness.  You really think that was all going to change at 5:55 am? 

At 6:30 I realized sleep was never going to return, especially in short 10 minute bursts.  I got up with an extra spring in my step.  After all this was my day to shine. 

I gathered all my tools and cleaned my bathroom.  The whole time my emotional high got higher and higher until I was soaring in my own self congratulations.  My bathroom takes forever to clean.  Hard to say why since it contains everything a normal bathroom does only in larger square footage. 

The bathtub sparkles.  The toilet gleams.  The shower is squeaky clean, including the glass door that I don’t clean often enough because it’s a real pain in the neck to achieve that spot free shine.  I usually hope that the Method shower spray will be enough even though the bottom of the door gets gunky after a while.  I even Windexed the closet mirrors as high as my hand could reach while I stood on my tip toes.  They’re really tall doors. 

My cleaning euphoria was cut short for a break.  I had to shower and clean my sweaty self off so I could take my kids to Park Day.  It’s nice to get out and soak up more sunshine while shooting the breeze with friends.  Once we were back home Project Spring Cleaning was back in full swing. 

My bedroom is now surprisingly large again.  Amazing what can happen when one decides to put away all the Disneyland clutter.  I spent several minutes sighing and drinking in the beauty of a tidy, clean, and sparkly master suite.  Whenever I had a chance I stole more admiring and lingering glances at my bedroom.  Wouldn’t Heath be so excited to come home to a haven instead of a hovel after a quick business trip to Chicago? 

In all my tidying and cleaning I carefully took care of everything but the one room that has dampened my mood for days. 

THE KITCHEN.  dun dun dun!

When there was virtually nothing left to do I looked at my frenemy square in the eye and proceeded to tackle it.  Dirt, grease and grime never knew what hit them. 

In the midst of all this I washed Gavin and Gwen’s sheets.  I love that Parker asked me if they wet the bed and that’s why I was washing their bedding.  No son, just because your sheets get washed every other day does not mean that’s the only time other people’s sheets get washed. 

The afternoon slipped away from me and suddenly it was after 6:00 pm.  My head ached as I forced myself to get up from the evil computer that has a nasty habit of wasting my time even on my carpe diem day.  Once I stood up the heart racing began with the swooning dizziness I now seem to get with every hypoglycemic moment.  Yep, my blood sugar was 49.  Time for dinner after Mama snacks first! 

Gwen was in her booster seat covered in sticky Tootsie pop.  Gavin was in another world with his toys.  I was finally feeling well enough to make some real food for my children when Parker started yelling down to me from up in his bedroom.  He came down and told me that he sweated while he napped.  Uh huh.  Of course you had to “sweat” today.  Right now while I’m dealing with raw chicken and attempting to suppress my gag reflex over the sight of the raw meat. 

Another load of sheets started. 

Dinner turned out great.  It was another one of my standard meals I make when I have to cook.  Last night was traditional breakfast for dinner.  Tonight was Pasta Roni with chicken and some green vegetable.  Broccoli in the case of tonight! 

I managed to get the kids to put away all their toys and I finished vacuuming upstairs.  They’re all in bed with their cute little flushed cheeks and happy smiles.  Tomorrow is Saturday and they get to play with their daddy all day. 

Heath just got home.  I feel like I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks just because I’ve had to share him with other people so much lately.  A business trip right after Disneyland didn’t help.  He brought me a Diet Pepsi from Taco Bell with his dinner/late night snack.  I don’t like Diet Pepsi but the drink is cold, refreshing and sparkly in my mouth.  Kind of like a party of bubbles thanking me for seizing the day.  Yay me. 

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Wow! I am impressed. If you figure out what triggered that spurt of energy will you let me know? I am in desperate need. My mind has been planning all sorts of projects but my body refuses to get moving.

Becca Jane said...

Yay you.

I have a goal to blog more like you....more words, more details.