Friday, March 26, 2010


Jerry Seinfeld told a joke where he talked about people screening other people in person. He described someone walking toward you on the street. You don't want to talk to this person but how can you avoid it? The person comes up to you and you say, "I'm not in right now but if you would leave a message I can get back to you later. Beep." How awesome would it be if this was possible! I would love it.

People think I'm strange because I use caller ID to screen my calls (ok a lot of people do that), I don't answer the door unless I'm expecting someone, I have a cell phone but it's rarely charged and I never have it with me. How do I stay in touch? Email.

Email was created in the 70's believe it or not. After all these years techy geeks are coming up with better and faster ways of communicating. Cell phones, text messages, social media sites like blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google Buzz, etc.

That's great. I still like email. But my email is on the fritz. I haven't received any emails since yesterday morning when Heath emailed me back that my blog should be up and running in a few hours.

What did you say? You think I could just be a loser who never gets email? Maybe. But I know I should have gotten a whole bunch of blog comments emailed to me and not a single one has come through.

Heath has been trying to fix it all day. The felcore domain has had some changes lately so we figured that was why email was not working. But Heath can get his email. Not me. It's sad that my favorite form of communication is too pooped to work for me. I know it's not because I stink. I showered today.

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Dawn said...

I am with you. I screen my calls even more now since surgery and it was so hard to reach the phone. Our TV now displays who is calling and our phones say it out loud. I NEVER skip a call from you though. My cell phone is for ME to use not others to call.I hope your husband performs his usually technological miracle and you are back up and running.