Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Controversial Book Report

Gavin loves Dr. Seuss. I was impressed when he picked an informative book about Dr. Seuss from the school library. It's called "Dr. Seuss" by Wendy Lynch, in case anyone is interested. Gavin was able to easily read the book and learn all about his favorite author.

Gavin was supposed to do a book report for school so we decided this book was the best one to report on. It was a lot of fun learning about Dr. Seuss and putting this video together. Gavin came up with all the questions himself and he prepped his dad on how to answer the questions. I thought it turned out really cute. My favorite part is the bow tie I cut out of cardstock. It looks like a cartoon!

I give up on uploading the video for now. I started the process around 10:30 am and it's now 4:00 pm. Maybe my blood sugar will drop low in the middle of the night and I can quickly upload it then. I will get it on eventually.

I have to say though, we don't put these videos together to make people jealous or feel bad or anything like that. The sea anemone video from last year seemed like a great way to do a report on sea anemones. The moms hated me for doing that. I don't know why. I just thought making kindergarteners do a freaking oral report was stupid in and of itself! We had fun researching and then making that video.

The Dr. Seuss book report video was received about the same way. The teacher loved it and said it was one of the best book reports. The kids thought it was cool. Gavin felt good for having a book report "outside the box." I almost forgot that he turned it in today. As soon as I got to the moms I stand by at pick up, one mom gave me this look. Then she said, "Gavin did another video huh?" I said yes wondering how on earth she knew since that class hadn't come out yet. Then she said her son was telling her all about it. The son she was referring to is in 3rd grade!

"How does he know?" I asked.

"Because we had reading buddies today and we listened to book reports," he told me with that same look on his face.

"Are you trying to make us look bad?" she joked.

"It's three minutes long!" I exclaimed.

Then her son talked about how he liked the bowtie and he asked how we made the books look big. I told him we shot the video in front of a green screen and replaced the green with images we found online. The kid was impressed we have a green screen! Thanks for the green fabric Dawn!

Ta da! It finally uploaded and processed!

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

That is awesome, Gavin. I want to share it with my teachers and students at the middle school. Tell those other mothers you would be glad to teach them how to make learning fun for thier kids too. Oh, and you are welcome for the green screen.

sugarpierdh said...

We loved the book report. Great job Gavin!!

Candi & Ed