Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everything will be all right when we go shopping

For some reason Barenaked Ladies song titles or lyrics make good post titles.  Gwen loves their shopping song but I can’t find a good version of it on youtube to share. 

We told the boys to save their money so they could buy stuff at Disneyland.  They have had a few opportunities to learn the value of a buck.  Gavin seems to really get money and what it can and cannot buy him.  That is impressive to me.  Parker, on the other hand, is still young and is motivated by instant gratification. 

The rule we came up with was there was no shopping until after lunch on Friday.  We looked at a couple of stores but the boys knew they couldn’t spend their money until after lunch on Friday.  This rule was great because it helped the boys decide what was really important to them instead of blowing their money on the first thing that caught their eye. 

Friday afternoon came and Parker and Gwen were actually asking for naps!  Heath decided to take Gavin out shopping while I rested with Parker and Gwen. 

They started out at the Lego store.  Gavin is amazing with his Lego creations.  After the Lego store they went to The World of Disney. 

Disneyland-Trip-003 Disneyland-Trip-006 Disneyland-Trip-004 Disneyland-Trip-005

World of Disney structure and view from our room.

Throughout the shopping trip Heath kept telling Gavin that he only had so much money to spend.  Gavin would grab something and Heath would ask him if that was the one and only thing he really wanted.  If Gavin shrugged the item went back.  At one point Heath asked the question and Gavin said, “I don’t know.  It makes me want to shrug.”  So it went back.  He ended up getting some great things.  He got a firefighter kit from the Lego store, a bag of plastic Pixar characters, Mickey ears with his name embroidered on the back, and a hard bound book of Pixar stories.  He was eyeing that book when we were window shopping earlier.  I knew that was something he really wanted.  He spent all but one dollar of his money.

Parker wanted to shop after the Pixar parade.  The store was so crowded with everyone leaving the parade.  Parker would grab something and say he wanted it only to immediately set it back down for something else.  He only had enough money for one thing.  I was ready to scream in the crowded store so I suggested we go outside to talk to Parker. 

He flipped out thinking he wasn’t going to have his chance to buy anything.  We told him that he could only pick one thing and he had to be sure that one thing was his favorite.  We told him he didn’t even have to get it from that one small store.  We could go back to the World of Disney.  His eyes lit up and he got very excited.  While he jumped up and down he said, “I get it!  I get it!  I want a Monsters Inc. toy that’s right by the bathrooms in the other store.” 

We walked to Downtown Disney and into the last entrance where the bathrooms are in the back.  He walked straight to the stuffed Mike Wazowski and announced that was what he wanted.  So he paid for it and is holding onto the rest of his money for now. 

Disneyland-Trip-054 Disneyland-Trip-055 Disneyland-Trip-056

Gwen isn’t old enough for allowance so we got her stuff.  Heath got her a Tinker Bell cell phone and a bag of plastic Disney princesses similar to the Pixar character bag Gavin bought.  I had seen girls with those plastic princesses and I thought it was a stupid toy.  I wanted her to have the Tinker Bell Barbie.  I’m glad I wasn’t there when Heath made the decision because his idea was better than mine.  She is so in love with those princesses and I know she would have ruined the Barbie in a matter of days. 

Disneyland-Trip-050 Disneyland-Trip-051 Disneyland-Trip-052 Disneyland-Trip-053

I loved how she set them up to have little conversations with each other. 

In Gwen talk they are Belle, Cin lalala, Arial, Sleeping Booty, Tee Bo Bo, and No Wipe. 

She hasn’t stopped playing with these princesses since we got home. 


We also bought Parker some Lightning McQueen Mickey ears and Gwen got princess Mickey ears with a tiara and veil.  Last night we saw a Tinker Bell and friends bathing suit at Costco so we had to buy it for Gwen.  She twirled and twirled in the bathing suit, matching cover up, plus her shoes and socks! 

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