Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Question

Gavin:  Mom, do I have any fancy clothes in the dishwasher?

There may be no fancy clothes in the dishwasher but I did find this

004 as I moved a load of laundry into the dryer.  That can’t be good.  The question is who put a battery in their pocket and why?

Parker changes his socks at least three times a day.  I am constantly picking up carelessly discarded socks.  But on laundry day I only fold two or three pairs of socks for Parker.  Where did the rest of them go?

Parker’s Sunday shoes somehow fell into the boys’ laundry basket.  I asked him if they were dirty and needed to be washed too.  He laughed. 

Gavin:  Why are we even going to Disneyland?

Neighbor girl:  Is Gwen going to Disneyland?
Me:  No, we thought we would leave her home alone.  I’m kidding.  Of course she’s going to Disneyland with us.
NG:  She won’t be able to go on many rides you know.
Me:  Oh.  Maybe we should leave her home then.

Why does 54 degrees sometimes make me want to wear shorts but other times I feel like I should bundle up in a Utah winter coat? 

Gavin:  How did Heavenly Father put the skin on people?
Me:  Why?
G:  Because I want to build a robot and I don’t know how to put skin on it.

Gwen:  Jesus?  A pretty dress? 
This one still cracks me up!  She doesn’t understand robes yet. 

Why would an environmentalist smoke?

When I check my blood sugar
Parker:  Why do you have blood?

Parker:  What are those red fings in your eye?
Me:  Blood vessels.
Parker:  What are blood vessels?
Me:  Where the blood is. 

Gwen:  Mom, what doing?  What doing Mama?

Why do my new shoes have a big cloth tag sewn into the seam on the outside of the heel?  Why does it say “tear here” if the perforation is drawn on? 

Gavin:  Mom, can I have some tape?  tape-001
Did you get enough tape?

May inquisitiveness never end.  Any questions?

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