Monday, March 15, 2010

Let’s talk about food at Disneyland

Holy Moly!  I may take three days just to post everything that happened in the three days we were gone!  Just be patient with me.  All the stories, pictures and video will come. 


Let’s talk about food first.  Food is just as much a part of the magical experience of Disneyland as anything else.  Thursday we started the day at Goofy’s Kitchen like I mentioned.  That was fun. 

We did lunch at Pluto’s Dog House in Toon Town.  Decently priced meals I thought.  I think it was something like $6 for a hot dog, drink, and chips or apple slices.  It tasted as well as you would expect for the price and convenience of having your food handed to you the second you paid for it. 

Dinner was at The Blue Bayou.  Expensive but so cool.  The Blue Bayou is the restaurant you see on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  We called ahead to make reservations for this place.  That’s another tip.  Make reservations. 

The kid menus can be folded up to make a pirate hat.  You can kind of see Gwen’s hat in the above picture.  They loved the pirate hats.  We seemed to have a lot of extra gravity around our table because Gwen kept spilling her milk or Dad’s water.  The waiter was really nice about everything and there was some other girl that kept checking on us too.  She would clean up the spills and never once seem upset or annoyed.  She would smile at Gwen and say something like, “No need to cry over spilled milk.” 

My blood sugar was high that day and I was having trouble getting it to stay down.  I ordered the crab cakes because I love crab cakes and because they were pretty carb friendly.  I asked Heath to help me guess how many carbs were in my meal.  I usually wait until I see my food but I wanted to bolus early to get the insulin going.  So Heath asked the waitress girl.  She came back and said that they don’t give out that information anymore.  Heath told her it wasn’t for Weight Watcher’s points or anything like that.  He said I wanted to know because of my Type 1 diabetes.  She came back with the chef! 

He couldn’t give me an idea but he did tell me how he cooks the meal.  I felt weird asking about carbs but everyone was so nice about it.  I made sure to tell the waitress to let the chef know the food was fantastic.  The whole experience was great.  The boys both ordered the salmon and as soon as they realized it was salmon they didn’t want to eat it because of the Barenaked Ladies song on the Snack Time CD!  Gavin thought it tasted like chicken and Parker wouldn’t touch it. 

Friday’s breakfast was bagels and juice in the hotel room.  Lunch was at The Taste Pilot’s Grill in California Adventure.  So good.  I got a blue cheese burger that was seriously the most amazing blue cheese burger I have ever eaten in my life!  The fries were really good too.  Kind of like those potato wedge fries.  Mmm!  The Diet Coke was exceptional as well.  Gwen got chicken nuggets that are the real chicken pieces and not the processed reformed junk you get from McDonald’s.  The boys got sliders.  Heath got a chili burger.  The kids meals at the sit down places came in Mickey shaped trays.  I love it! 

Dinner was at Tortilla Jo’s.  That’s in Downtown Disney.  I’m really glad we had reservations because the wait was over 45 minutes without.  Not the best Mexican food I’ve ever had but it was ok.  Expensive for not tasting real great and not a lot of choices either.  Just my opinion. 

Saturday we ate some more bagels and juice for breakfast.  Lunch was at some Mexican place in California Adventure.  A lady from Italy took our order!  Heath had started a whole conversation about where she was from in Italy because his brother served a mission there.  She was surprised that Mormons can drink Diet Coke.  Heath told her we had to drive home!  The food was the same quality as Tortilla Jo’s in a quick serve lunch counter environment.  The Diet Coke tasted weird to me but maybe it was because my blood sugar was 40 and dropping and my mouth felt fuzzy.  Dinner was at some random McDonald’s on the way home.  McDonald’s is what it is! 

If you hadn’t noticed, I like food.  I love vacations because it means that I don’t have to feel guilty for eating out a lot.  Then I got an email from a friend that made me feel even better about the food I ate.  It’s here if you want to feel better about yourself too.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Disneyland food experience.  But food vouchers could have saved us some money. 

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

The good news, you won't have to eat at mediocre Mexican restaurants when we go with you next time.

Tristan said...

Is that because you don't like Mexican restaurants? I was thinking that Barry and I could go to one if you don't want to go!