Monday, March 8, 2010

My thoughts on Music

It’s no secret that I love music.  I grew up on a wide variety of music genres.  A love of music is one thing I am grateful my dad taught me.  Some days I imagine my life with a soundtrack.  That would be sweet! 

I love to share this passion for music with my kids.  I love that Santa gave each of my kids a personalized CD in their stocking with their picture on the front of the CD.  I love that when I’m driving around town Gwen sings along after first getting really excited. The first few notes play and she’s back there squealing, “A CD!  A CD!”  Yes, Gwen this song is on your CD. 

She asks to listen to songs when I’m wasting time writing timeless stories for all of you on the computer.  Her favorite is the “Down Down Song” as she calls it.  I don’t even know the info on the song.  I just know it as the Pink Glove Dance.

This song is so upbeat and fun but it still makes me want to cry when I watch the video.  Interesting bit of trivia, the girl on the far right in the first group shot of people dancing looks just like my mom.  It’s crazy! 

I love bustin’ a move with my kids and singing loudly to our favorite songs.  There is nothing better than that.  Heath bought The Barenaked Ladies album Snack Time for the kids for Christmas.  I read somewhere that the Barenaked Ladies are very kid friendly, despite their name, and have kids of their own so they enjoy creating songs for kids. 

Gavin really gets into singing “7 8 9” especially.  My favorite is “Pollywog in a Bog.”

Sometimes I worry about my motherhood when my kids are rocking out to Beastie Boys and Modest Mouse songs instead of singing traditional toddler songs.  In fact in the middle of me thinking that maybe I should spend more time singing The Alphabet Song (and not the BNL version) I ran into Gavin’s school counselor from last year.  Every once in a while we find ourselves playing with our kids at the same playground.

At one point Gwen was swinging next to the counselor’s 2 year old.  The 2 year old was singing normal children’s songs.  The Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.  Gwen knew most of the songs but not all.  I decided not to feel bad.  Especially when we drove home and all sang along to the songs in the van. 

My experience is that kids learn the other songs at school.  I do have several CD’s of traditional children’s songs but my kids aren’t always interested in them.  The memories associated with the music we do listen to, as well as sing and dance to, will last forever.  These are moments I treasure.  Find what works for your family and sing and dance with your kids today.

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