Monday, March 22, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

I'm taking a break from writing today. Please leave a comment with your captions or creative stories for these pictures. May the best comment win.

4 thoughts:

Jenni said...

"Oh, Mister Incredible. You are so brave. If you'd only leave that stretchy wife of yours and join me in my fairy tale, I'd love you forever and let you save the world, one super power at a time."

"Well thank you Ms. Little Bo Peep, but Mrs. Incredible keeps me in line, and (wiping out his ear)...did I hear you right?! You'd let me use my super powers? Well, that would certainly be something to consider, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you to your sheep. I have a family at home and a world to save!!!"

So...what do you think? Did I win the grand prize for writing a silly story at 12:40 in the morning, when I should be sleeping??? :) That is a cute picture!

Tristan said...

That is cute, Jenni! I think the best ideas can come in the wee hours of the morning when we should be sleeping.

In a couple of days I will let you know who the winner is. Thanks for writing!

Cannonball said...

"How you doin'?"
"Please let Mr. Incredible be the one...AMEN!"
"It's a potty in the USA!!"

sugarpierdh said...


Don't mind us, we're just licking the paint.

PHEEEW!! What is THAT?! Tinkerbell: "Soooory"