Sunday, March 14, 2010

The posts you’ve all been waiting for!

The Disneyland posts! 

I am pessimistic and skeptical.  I am the type of person who expects the worst so I can be really surprised when the best happens.  I try not to ever get my hopes up.  Having hopes dashed by reality hurts too much.  So I was extremely nervous about Disneyland – the happiest place on earth. 

What would it be like?  What could I expect?  My only experience with amusement parks is Lagoon.  I have had zero experience with theme parks. 

Friends would find out we were going to Disneyland and say basically the same thing.  You are going to have so much fun!  You’ll love it!  It’s like a completely different world. 

That was the hardest for me to try and imagine.  The general consensus seemed to be that Disneyland is a magical world where everyone is friendly and loves kids.  And it is very clean.  Could such a place really exist?  Again, I have only been to Lagoon in Farmington, Utah.  Now that I have done both I can say that Lagoon is the exact opposite of Disneyland.

Disneyland was everything it was promised to be.  Describing it as a magical world is about the only way to describe it.  Disneyland is the third leg of the magical fantasy trifecta: Santa, Tooth Fairy, Disneyland.  It is a world where dreams really do come true. 

It’s not just Disneyland Park, it’s the whole experience. 

I admit I spent the first day waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I was waiting for that one moment that would kill the mood.  That moment NEVER HAPPENED!  Disneyland was simply amazing.  I never wanted to leave.  Now that I’m home I’m finding it difficult to slip back into real life. 

Enjoy the next few posts about our fabulous trip to Disneyland.

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