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Rides, Shows, and Attractions

Time for more stories about Disneyland. 

When we planned out our trip we looked at the free DVD sent to us and we looked online.  Everyone had an idea of different things we wanted to do.  One thing I really wanted to do was take Gwen to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  This is a place where they doll up the girls with a princess look.  For about $50 we could get her hair, makeup, and nails done.  Expensive I know, but I wanted to do it. 

Unfortunately she was too young.  She’s tall enough to pass for a three year old.  We were hoping they wouldn’t check to see if she had a ticket.  In the end the timing never worked out for us to go.  We never had her wear her Cinderella dress either.  There’s part of me that’s sad about all of it but at the same time it’s ok.  I have no regrets.  We had so much fun doing what we did.

I think all of us loved Disneyland more than California Adventure.  I felt like the magic was missing at California Adventure.  Since I got the most joy from watching my kids, I loved Disneyland the best. 

The classic Disney story rides were our favorites.  I was really glad we had taken my friend’s advice to watch movies to prepare.  When I was a kid my parents saw some fairy tale books at Sam’s Club.  They got Snow White for my sister and Alice in Wonderland for me.  I always thought that was weird since my sister was blonde for so long and I’ve always been brunette!  Besides that, I have never liked the story of Alice in Wonderland.  To me it is a drug induced nightmare. 

Well, one night a few weeks ago, I decided to read Alice in Wonderland for the kids’ bedtime story.  Parker and Gwen immediately recognized it because they have been to Fairyland.  Gavin really liked the story too.  Parker was mad at me for saying The End!  He thought I must have skipped parts or something, which I didn’t.  They soon became obsessed with the story so Heath bought the movie.  They watched it several hundred times before we went to Disneyland. 

For a story I really don’t like, I loved those rides.  They creatively followed the story.  I loved the tea cups the best but the “caterpillar ride” as the boys called it was a close second in my mind. 

Disneyland-Trip-023 Disneyland-Trip-024 Disneyland-Trip-025

Parker loved the tea cups too.  He said that’s how he looks when the sun is in his eyes!  Friday night we were waiting in line for the tea cups when Parker announced he had to use the bathroom.  Heath took him while Gavin, Gwen and I rode a tea cup on our own.  It was fun even though I had trouble getting up the momentum to spin it fast.  Later Parker and Heath went together.  Parker was on cloud nine being alone with his daddy like that.  Heath said he focused on Parker, in case he got sick, and spun the tea cup as fast as he could for the duration of the ride.  I took pictures with my phone.  When I figure out how to get them off I will show those too.  I’m impressed I figured out how to use my phone to take pictures!  I’m not a cell phone person. 

Another one of our favorites was the Peter Pan ride.  I thought it was so well done.  Gavin knew it wasn’t real.  But he appreciated the creative effort that went into making it seem real.  He wanted to know how they did it.  I had Parker with me the other time we went on it.  He wanted to know how we were flying.  I told him it was magic.  He got very excited and said it must be because of Tinker Bell. 

We went on It’s a Small World at least three times.  That was one of Parker’s favorites.  Gwen loved it too.  She was fascinated by everything each time we went.  Both Parker and Gwen loved Woody and Jessie the best.

Disneyland-Trip-109 Disneyland-Trip-113 Disneyland-Trip-108 Disneyland-Trip-111 Disneyland-Trip-116 Disneyland-Trip-117

By the third time we went I think they were both singing along too. 

On Thursday Heath saw some roller coaster he remembered from when he was a kid.  The Rocky Mountain Railway or something like that.  He convinced Parker and Gavin to go with him.  Heath explained that it was a really fast train ride.  They agreed to it.  Parker hated every second of it.  Gavin liked it enough to go with me as soon as he was done.  He liked it but seemed ready for it to end. 

Disneyland-Trip-037 Disneyland-Trip-027 Disneyland-Trip-029 Disneyland-Trip-030

Gwen and I had fun waiting for the boys to come back. 

Disneyland-Trip-032 There they are waiting in line. 

Disneyland-Trip-038 Disneyland-Trip-039

Disneyland-Trip-034 And coming off.  You can tell who liked it and who didn’t. 

After that ride, Parker threw a fit over every train ride we tried to get him on.  He didn’t want to ride the regular train that goes around the park.  And he full on freaked out over the monorail.  Somehow we convinced him to get on the monorail and when I pointed out that we were going as fast as the cars on the street he was finally ok. 

Parker and Gwen hated the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Gwen had a death grip on Heath the whole time.  Parker was very emphatic when he said, “I do NOT like this ride.”  At one point he said the pirates were really mean.  Gavin told him that not all the pirates were mean!  Gavin loved the ride.  He said his wish came true because he wanted to be a pirate. 

Disneyland-Trip-005 Disneyland-Trip-006 Disneyland-Trip-007 Disneyland-Trip-008 Disneyland-Trip-009 Disneyland-Trip-010

Pixie Hollow was not what I expected at all.  I expected more than a backdrop for pictures.  I was really looking forward to this attraction and was a little disappointed when we found out there was a long line for pictures and autographs with Tink and her friends.  The scenery was fantastic.  I loved the fairy village they had created. 

Disneyland-Trip-011 This little guy kept everyone entertained for quite a while. 

Disneyland-Trip-013 Disneyland-Trip-014 Disneyland-Trip-017

I liked how they created huge flowers and grass so you felt the size of a fairy.  That was a nice touch.  It was a lot like the Bug’s Life stuff in California Adventure.  I really liked what they did with the Bug’s Life rides and attractions.  A huge chunk of the park had the tall grass and what not so you felt as small as a bug.  They had pencil tops for speakers.  Pieces of debris were huge and stuck in the plants.  It was so creative.  There was a big cereal box that you walk through.  I loved it.  I expected Pixie Hollow to be more like that.  The Bug’s Life thing had several rides as well as a place to watch a show.  Pixie Hollow was just a backdrop.  I was disappointed.

Disneyland-Trip-015 Disneyland-Trip-019 Disneyland-Trip-020 Disneyland-Trip-021 pixie-hollow

The kids loved the fairies and that’s really all that matters.  I rented the new Tinker Bell movies from the library and the kids have been obsessed ever since.  Gwen is so in love with Tinker Bell.  Gwen showed Iridessa her name tag with Tink on it.  Iridessa didn’t seem to understand.  She thought Gwen really liked her name or something.  Then we saw Tink. 

Gwen was a little star struck at first.  She was shy and buried herself in Dad’s legs.  Suddenly she broke free and charged Tink giving her the biggest hug.  Tink almost fell over catching Gwen!  Then they had the cutest conversations about Gwen’s name tag and I don’t know what else.  Gwen was happy to be snuggled in her favorite character’s hug. 

Disneyland-Trip-022 Disneyland-Trip-025

The boys loved talking to Tink’s best friend.  I don’t remember his name.  Is it Puck?  He was a nice guy. 

Gwen loves Tinker Bell.  She calls her Tee Bo Bo.  It is too cute.  We got her the Disney princesses and Tinker Bell was part of them.  She pushes them in her stroller and everything.  Too cute. 

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