Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool’s!

For all the belly aching I do over the rest of the holidays, I do enjoy April Fool’s Day.  In fact, as a teacher I would go all out for this “holiday.”  My favorite thing I did with my students was I had them make a paper jester with accordion arms and legs and a big body made out of lined paper.  They wrote their favorite joke or April Fool’s Day prank.  I think I had them trace their hands and the shoes were big jester shoes I free handed. 

Yesterday was the best April Fool’s Day ever.  Gavin has been looking forward to it for at least a week.  Since he was aware of it I had to do something to trick him. 

Yesterday was the first day of his Spring Break.  He woke up before Heath left for work and he was sitting in the middle of the hallway.  We told him he needed to hurry and get ready for school.  He loves to argue and he knew he was right.  He kept saying that it was Summer Vacation and he had no school.  (Uh, it’s Spring Break, kid!)  Anyway, we insisted while he insisted back.  He never backed off but there was a point when he was obviously trying to search his memory because maybe we were right.  That’s when we laughed and said, “April Fool’s!”  He laughed too. 

For breakfast I did this.  April-Fool's-Day-001

I poured out a regular amount of cereal in a regular bowl and then poured it into our popcorn bowls.  Parker wondered why they had to eat out of such big bowls.  Gavin knew right away it was an April Fool’s Day joke. 

April-Fool's-Day-003 April-Fool's-Day-005 April-Fool's-Day-006

And bless his heart, he ate every last bit of it with the serving spoon!  Parker refused to eat much of it.

I tried to lay low on the jokes after that.  We wanted them to forget about April Fool’s Day as much as possible to get them with our next joke. 

April-Fool's-Day-008 Jell-O posing as juice.  This took some advanced preparation.  The night before, I made the Jell-O while they were in bed and poured it into cups and let it set up in the fridge behind two milk jugs. 

April-Fool's-Day-009 April-Fool's-Day-010

This is what it looked like when Heath pulled the straw out of his after dinner.  Cool huh!

Heath told the kids that he bought some special juice to go with our tacos.  He shopped for some taco ingredients on his way home from work so they had no idea.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted the camera or not so I ended up missing some priceless video of Parker.  Gavin knew as soon as the cup was in front of him that it was a joke.  That was when I decided not to grab the camera.  Parker tried to suck on the straw until he was blue in the face.  He kept saying he couldn’t get any juice!  Even after we told the kids it was a joke, Gwen was still trying to get her Jell-O up through the straw.  We gave them spoons and they had their dessert before dinner. 


Gwen loved hers so much she hardly touched her taco dinner.  This is big because that girl loves tacos.  I ended up eating all the tomatoes when usually she does. 

These jokes were all we expected for the day.  The kids were watching The Disney Channel and there was some little thing between shows about how to short sheet a bed.  Gavin took off and came back down announcing to Parker that he made his bed.  Then Gavin held his hands over his mouth for the classic little kid giggle.

At bedtime Parker went to climb into bed.  Gavin had tucked everything into the side so Parker pulled it all back and climbed in.  Gavin kept saying he was supposed to get in from the top!  He’ll figure it out in a couple more years. 

We ended the day by watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  Heath has Good Friday off.  So today is the best day ever too.  It feels like we get a Saturday even though our weekend will be taken up watching General Conference. 

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sugarpierdh said...

That's Hilarious!! I love April Fool's Day!!

Dawn said...

I had not realized how much you loved April Fools Day. I think I should be planning now for next year.

Tristan said...

Oh great. What have I done?

Dawn said...

Little do you know, little do you know...

Becca Jane said...

Haha, that's awesome. I think I'll need to wait a few more years, but those are some great ideas!! Thanks!!