Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Brother to the Rescue

Gwen was playing with a stick at the playground today.  She was banging it against the metal rungs of a ladder to hear the ringing sound.  A young boy, my guess was he just turned three, came over and stood right in front of Gwen.  Her arms clutched the stick in a tight bear hug.  Then she quickly walked away from him. 

He followed her.  I’m not sure if his original intent was to take the stick but Gwen sure thought that was going to happen.  As Gwen tried to dodge the kid, Parker grabbed her in his protective arms. 

“Get away from my sister!”

The whole scene was very surprising.  Each child was so intent on his role.  Gwen the victim, Parker the protector, Trey the antagonist. 

Eventually Trey’s mom was able to help him with his social skills until all three kids were happily playing together.  They played tag and later he shared his sand toys in the sandbox. 

But the protective hug . . . that move impressed me.  It’s always nice to see one’s kids stick up for each other.

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