Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been trying to write my thoughts about my grandpa. I have been trying to share more of the story from when I visited. It's still a cliffhanger.

But this is a picture of him. I snuck one in among my bubble photo shoot. Now Dawn and anyone else who knows my grandpa can at least see a picture of him while I keep you all in suspense over the story. It's amazing. I'll say that.

This is my mom. She is a cool lady! Notice her green pants. These pants are too big for her because she keeps losing weight. So she gave them to me. They are a size smaller than my smallest pair of pants. Yesterday I squeezed into them. It was a tight squeeze but not like I was suffocating or strangling my legs in them. They fit well enough for me to wear to pick up Gavin from school. I need to lose a little more weight for them to fit like a glove.
I have to toot my own horn though. I have lost over 10 lbs. The excitement has been real but nothing compared to the experience of meeting my mom at the airport. I was wearing a pair of pants I got for Christmas. That are getting a little big, by the way. I also had on my tall wedge heel sandals.
After the initial happy to see me greeting and the hug, my mom started asking what was different about me. Was I taller? Yes. I was wearing shoes that made me a good two inches taller. No, that wasn't it. My hair was a little longer. Hmm . . . what was it. I couldn't figure out what she was getting at. So I said I lost 10 lbs. She freaked out! I have never felt so good about myself! She said she could tell. When I told her how I lost most of the weight by changing my pump settings and eating less from not having to correct lows she told me I had to tell the doctor I saw in Utah. He still asks about me. I never did. Not much time. But I doubt he would notice because I am now the weight I was when we moved.
Well, the weekend was a carb fest. I can't eat carbs like I used to so that was a little rough on the blood sugars. Besides the guessing game of how much insulin to take while eating out, I was terrified I had put on at least five lbs. Nope. I got home and my weight was the same. Two days later I had dropped another couple pounds putting me into the . . . well, I'm still too ashamed to say out loud! But I haven't seen that number in the tens place on my scale in years! I'm back into the exercise routine and my goal is to lose another five lbs before I see my endocrinologist again at the end of May. I would be so happy if I could step on his scale and see that neon number in my mind.
Well, here are some bubblicious pictures from the barbecue on Saturday. My mom has a recipe for the bubble solution. The recipe calls for glycerin or you can substitute corn syrup. We tried the corn syrup. No good. So we added the glycerin without dumping the original batch. That was better.

Ok, these bubbles are from a store bought tube of solution with the odd shaped wand inside.

I love Vinny's outfit. The cape is my favorite part. He brought Star Wars paraphernalia too.

This is where the bubble solution came in. We didn't get great bubbles until we added a little more water to the mix. Then we got spectacular bubbles that I saw on my tiny camera screen as I snapped away hoping for some great pictures.

Candi started getting some really cool bubbles that almost wrapped around her before they popped.

While I was taking pictures I kept wondering if I should pull out my laptop. My grandpa was enjoying visiting with everyone. Was this the right opportunity to record him? More and more it started to feel like a no. Luckily I got this.My mom was the only one who knew what was going on. I had the camera still poised on Candi when Grandpa started talking. I pushed the video button and held the camera on her for a second then slowly panned over to him so he wouldn't know he was in the spotlight. Calvin was running laps because Daphne had run 30 laps around the yard trying to be like her mom who ran a half marathon that day. That story is here if you want to read it. Ed was counting laps for Vinny. The video is noisy like our party. But it is a treasure. Did I get more of Grandpa's stories? Good question. I will answer that in another post. Cliff hanger!

Update: My mom told me what the story in the video is. My grandpa was in one boat going one direction while a friend was in another boat going the opposite direction. As they passed they high fived each other, which really stung their hands.

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