Thursday, April 29, 2010

Circling the Drain

Gavin walked out of the bathroom with a weird look on his face. He turned off the light which also turned off the fan.

"Mom, I have bad news." Silence hung in the air for a brief but pregnant moment.
"What happened?"
"My tooth fell down the drain. Can you reach in and get it?"

Luckily Heath was working from home. I hugged Gavin and told him not to worry. Heath immediately started pulling out the toilet paper rolls we store under the sink. Gavin stacked them outside the bathroom. I grabbed a tupperware bowl while Heath started to unscrew the P trap. A small amount of water drained into the bowl.

Gavin was concerned about his lost tooth. I assured him if it was lost, which I was pretty sure it wasn't, then we would leave the Tooth Fairy a note and she would understand. He said a girl in his class pulled her tooth out and it flew into the toilet. Gavin was grateful the toilet lid was not up. I was too and Heath told Gavin that if the tooth had fallen in the toilet we would not be rescuing it! The more Gavin talked about the tooth being lost forever, the more I tried to reassure him it would be alright. He wasn't worried really. He was laughing the whole time. I finally said that some kids lose their teeth when they're eating and they accidentally swallow it. In the middle of all of this Gavin said something about there still being bubbles in the sink from when he washed his hands.

Heath announced there was no tooth.

"Stop!" I confidently declared. Everyone moved out of the way. I was a woman on a mission. Then I scrutinized the bubbles in the sink. Right on the edge of the drain I saw something white. I deftly reached in. My fingers pinched around the tooth without any hesitation. I rubbed bubbles off with my thumb while Gavin and Heath admired the tooth.

Disaster was averted. Gavin was thrilled that the tooth that was supposedly loose for the last month or more finally came out. He showed Gwen and Parker when they woke up. They were impressed. The tooth was placed under a pillow on top of the boys' dresser the same as teeth in the past.

In the middle of the night Gavin woke me up to tell me about some dream. Of course he told me it wasn't scary to him after he told me the whole thing. He also said he was afraid the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come. It was 3:00 am. I was sure she'd already been there but I told him that she was like Santa Claus and wouldn't come if he was awake. He wasn't going to see her.

My eyes were closed the whole time. I am perfecting my sleepwalking techniques. I can get to a distressed child in 10 seconds flat in the middle of the night. Then I keep my eyes closed as I comfort them. This time it worked. I was able to quickly fall asleep again.

The night turned into day and Gavin found a dollar the Tooth Fairy left behind after taking the tooth. Gavin sang some song he made up about the Tooth Fairy coming. At the top of his lungs I might add. He could not be more excited.

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