Monday, April 19, 2010

Did you miss me?

For the last four days I have been in SLC, UT visiting family. It was fun, awesome, heartbreaking, introspective, wonderful, etc, etc.

Heath earns a lot of points with Southwest Airlines going on business trips. He had enough points for a free flight and told me I should see my family. My grandpa’s health is rapidly deteriorating and any family members living outside of Utah are trying to visit him, possibly for the last time. My family said at least once a day to thank Heath for his sacrifice in letting me visit.

What a sacrifice it was. Heath isn’t an idiot. He knows how to take care of the kids. Sometimes I think he is a better Mom than I am! But it isn’t easy to have to keep kids alive and happy for four days alone. We have never been apart from each other this long. Not only did he have to learn the school routine but he braved church with three kids. Alone. My hat goes off to him because we have enough drama in Sacrament Meeting when we’re both there!

Heath and the kids survived. They had fun together doing things Dad’s way. They missed me too. It’s nice to be missed. I missed them so much. Church was particularly difficult for me. As much as I enjoyed the peace and quiet without kids, I missed my babies so much!

I had called while the kids were supposed to be putting toys away in preparation for bed. The boys were fighting as usual. I asked to talk to Gavin, thinking I could maybe distract him from his ritual fighting with Parker during the “Toy War.” When he got on the phone I told him I loved him. He said it back but he sounded weird. I asked if he was crying and he responded that he was a little bit. I told him I would see him the next day. Heath told me that at bedtime Gavin said he was worried about my safety coming home. That seemed awfully mature for a six year old!

Prayers were answered because Heath and the kids were safe and happy. I was also safe. We were reunited at the time my flight was supposed to land. The plane landed 30 minutes early. The flight attendant said that Southwest prides itself on not having hidden fees but since we were so early there was a $5 fee. We could pay the attendants cash on our way out! We all laughed. I love the sense of humor Southwest is known for.

Gwen and Parker were happy to see me. Gavin was hard to read when I picked him up from school. I think I surprised him by showing up when he was planning on his dad picking him up. He was happy to see me but it took a minute to get over the change of plans in his mind.

Parker had me close my eyes while he led me into the house. He told me to open them and the first thing I saw was freshly vacuumed carpet. I was so impressed! I didn’t realize I popped Parker’s balloon of enthusiasm. He wanted to surprise me with a Welcome Home banner the kids decorated. The banner was the icing on the cake. I didn’t expect either surprise. Ahh . . . I’m home and it feels so good. I have the best family.

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Dawn said...

I am so glad you are home safe and sound and I really did miss you too. I know Heath did too. His dad actually had to call him with sports updates for a change.