Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Duck and Run

When Heath got home early from a client meeting there were ducks wandering around. Neighbors were coming out to see what was going on and Heath grabbed the camera. The one neighbor who herded the ducks back to the canal with Heath said that the duck family had been wandering around and he thought they may continue to wander in circles never finding the path to the canal.

I don't recognize the house in the first picture. It could be across the street. But the red fire zone stripe is right in front of our house. The ducks walk across the new concrete and into our next door neighbor's front yard while Mama Duck gets scared and leaves her babies many times. The babies frantically chirp at her. And bless their courageous, trusting little hearts, they climb over the plants to follow their mom.

I find the video amazing and very interesting.

  • Motherhood is not easy. Sometimes we forget how our actions affect others. Sometimes we think only of ourselves.
  • Life gets scary sometimes. Sometimes we get lost and wander in circles or keep going backwards as we make the same mistakes. Fear can paralyze us and cause us to get stuck in this cycle of circle wandering and moving backwards.
  • Babies trust their parents unconditionally. Babies usually bring us back from "the edge."
  • The closer we get, the harder everything seems, and the easier it is to almost give up.
  • Sometimes we take the hardest way possible.
  • When we stop fighting control and just let go, things work out in the end. Prayers are often answered through other people. Help is patient and kind even when we act like we don't want help.
  • Home is never as far away as we think. The path is usually very clear when we are ready to see it. Despite the saying that you can't go home, you really can. The road back may be uncomfortable and scary but it is possible.
  • Yes, I have a tendency to overthink things.

I chose the song because it was in my head all day yesterday and because I like the line "Your tired and so am I." It seemed to fit the video. I also chose to keep the audio on because it's cool and the song doesn't compete with it too much. The post title is because that's how Heath labeled the pictures. There were also pictures of Gavin helping his dad build shelves. They were using power tools!

The neighbor is a 5th grade teacher. He stayed with the ducks after they got under the fence and helped them get closer to the water. Heath went home and made him a copy of the pictures and video so he could use it in class.

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Dawn said...

Awesome post! I hope the teacher talks to the students about what we can learn from these observations. You did and awesome job.