Sunday, April 11, 2010


Better late than never on the Easter post, I guess.

As far as the dying of eggs . . . well that is a tradition I am ready to end. First of all, I boiled all 18 eggs because I didn't think it through. I thought there were only 12 and it's obvious I wasn't paying attention! Seriously, you can't put me in charge in the kitchen unless you want something to laugh about later. So Heath had to buy more eggs so we could have raw eggs to make ice cream. The Easter Bunny let us know we were getting an ice cream maker. I'm grateful that I have a nice husband who only says nice things about me to other people. When he saw a ward member at the store Heath told him I boiled the rest of the eggs. Note that he didn't say I boiled all 18! Thanks Honey!

We couldn't find an egg dying kit at the last minute on a Saturday afternoon. Shocking. So we did the vinegar and food coloring thing. Whoever thought the formula would make a "pretty purple" has never tried it themselves! The purple eggs looked like the token ugly egg my brother always made last when he put one egg in every color we had. Honestly, I don't know why we bother dying eggs. The Easter Bunny hides plastic eggs filled with candy and stickers at our house! But Gavin was not going to be happy unless we dyed eggs so we did and nearly a week later we finally ate all six eggs that were dyed. Yes, out of 18 eggs we only dyed 6. Don't ask.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs in some really fun places like the toys the kids didn't put away. The kids thought that was fun to find eggs in silly places. Gwen loved that there was an egg in the stroller.

Energy was high at our house Easter morning!

This may be the cutest picture we have of all three kids.

Heath and I got to bed really late the night before Easter. We were snoring and dreaming away when suddenly we were yanked out of a deep and peaceful sleep by the boys tromping down the stairs wondering, quite loudly, if the Easter Bunny had come!
"Wait!" I yelled out because it was the only thing I could think of and I was pretty grateful my brain allowed me to say anything intelligible at all in that moment. "Don't go downstairs!" I finally managed to say, "We all go down together, remember? It's like Christmas. Let's go together."
The boys obediently came back upstairs but we would find out later that the damage had already been done. Apparently Gavin had started a little pile of eggs and the above picture shows him gathering them later when he was finally allowed to hunt for the other half he hadn't already found.

It was a successful egg hunt all things considered. Heath and I still cannot remember how we have handled Easter in the past. We have always all gone down together. Last year we have the best video of Gavin tripping down the stairs he was so excited. We have video of them hunting for eggs. This year was different in every way possible.

The kids' boundless energy continued throughout the day, escalating to an unacceptable level during Conference. I was hoping for some cute pictures of the kids in their new Easter duds but the clothes somehow were the beginning of meltdowns all the way around. The day kind of went downhill from there.

By the end of the day most of the stickers had been used and most of the candy had been eaten. Good. Get that stuff out of my house! The next day I went on a cleaning/organizing frenzy to rediscover my lost sanity. I found last year's Easter candy in baggies on the top of the fridge. I chucked the baggies in the trash.

I know I'm not really into making a big deal out of holidays but I have to say this was the most disappointing holiday I have ever had. I am so sorry it didn't turn out any better than it did. At least we have the few fun parts to remember and the cute pictures.

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Dawn said...

Remember, there are no rules to how to celebrate. Just do what you want to. No law says it has to be the same every year.