Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mormon Church Organization Explained as Vehicles

High Priests are like old jeeps: they can't carry much but they're reliable and will never leave you stuck.

Relief Society women are like Lamborghinis: they are very beautiful, move really fast and are lots of fun but you had better spend time and money maintaining them or you'll be sorry.

Elders Quorum brethren are like freight trains: they can carry a lot and work hard but it takes a lot of energy to get them going.

Young Men are like bullet bikes: they can go 200 mph and are lots of fun but one mistake and they'll wreck fast.

Young Women are like Miata clubs: cute little cars that look like they're having fun but they're always in tight packs and can't seem to figure out where they're going.

And Primary: they just keep bumping along.

This is courtesy of my brother in law, Kirk.

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Ed said...

That's very true. Especially with Elders.