Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of those days

It's been one of those days. Not much else to say. It's been one of those days.

I can easily move on from all the other minor disappointments of this day. I missed my calorie burn goal for the day by five calories. It's not a big deal but I normally exceed my goal by at least three calories. Despite exercising my guts out my blood sugar has been high all day. Grrr! I had plans to clean the house since Heath is working from home. Two bathrooms are clean. One load of laundry is done. The kitchen is still clean from yesterday. Toys are scattered everywhere. To quote Bill Engvall, "This place looks like the beaches at Normandy."

Heath is getting sick. It's been raining all day and the wind is blowing really hard. It's been a blah day with very little to show for my existence. Fine. Move on. But then the guilt trip came.

On the walk up the path to the schoolyard to pick up Gavin, I heard a mom say to her friend that she took her daughter to the kindergarten classroom visit today. Could I feel any worse about it? I forgot. It's as simple as that. I meant to go. Parker would have loved to go. I forgot.

What's done is done. Feeling guilty about it won't change anything. I told a friend and she said that he's the second kid. We're old hat to kindergarten! And she's right. Parker cannot wait to go to school. He knows where the kindergarten classrooms are. He's been inside them before. He isn't the type of person to get really nervous about trying something new and if he is nervous he follows along really easily. It's Parker. Gavin's opposite. It could be worse. But I still feel awful about it.

Oh well. "Tomorrow is a whole new day to mess up." I had that on a button that I wore on my denim jacket in sixth grade. Actually, I think it said that Today is a whole new day to mess up. Close enough.

The good news is it's been raining all day. Rain is good. We have had so much rain this year that we have not had our sprinklers on since October! In CA we usually have to get the sprinklers going again around March or April. Think of all the money we are saving this year. We planted a garden on Saturday and the plants could use some rain.

2 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Okay enough! You have TWO bathrooms cleaned, a clean kitchen and a load of laundry done. It sounds to me like you accomplished a great deal. Only missed the calorie burn by five calories? I am more like 500 calories. I hurt my foot this morning and have sat all day. Parker will live through the missed kindergarten visit since he is an adventurer and he has been in the classroom with Gavin and we KNOW he will have a better teacher than his big brother did. Please stop making me feel guilty since my best effort today was a one hour nap instead of two. Be nice to my daughter-in-law!

Tristan said...

I'm sorry Dawn. I will try to redeem myself tomorrow. There are two days of classroom visits. Hopefully I only missed the first day. And Parker doesn't even know he missed anything.