Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Shoot

The kids' Easter clothes are so adorable. I had to have a photo shoot. I forget how uncooperative my kids can be for these things I want. Out of 97 pictures I found several good ones.

Gwen was hilarious with this photo shoot. She wanted the spotlight all to herself. Little Diva. But after yelling at her brothers to move or that it was her turn. Sometimes she would get up in Heath's face saying picture over and over. Anyway, after all that she would get her turn and more often than not she would make funny faces. I considered sharing some of those "attractive" pictures but I think I would rather have people believe my children are always darling cherubs instead.

If Heath tipped the camera to take a vertical shot, Gwen would tip her head to the side. That girl is too funny.

Cute Gavin smile.

GQ pose

I have to say that the boys picked out their clothes. Parker wanted a tie for church after not having one for a year or more. So he picked out this studly ensemble. Gavin couldn't decide if he wanted just a nice shirt and tie or the whole package deal with the vest and pants. He eventually decided on the full set. I think I looked and there were no shirts with matching ties in his size so it was good he changed his mind.
I never liked dressing like my sister when I was growing up. Our dresses were different patterns but always out of the same fabric and I hated it. The boys don't mind looking alike. I certainly don't encourage it. They choose it. It's cute.

Parker had a few color choices. He chose green because it's his favorite color. I think it was Gavin who wanted to pick pink. I had to do some fast talking to avoid that fashion disaster! Not every day is Easter!

Gwen's dress got oohs and ahhs in the store. One mom said that her daughter doesn't let her dress her up anymore. I am still thinking that one through. Yes, I am technically dressing her up because I really wanted her to have a big, fluffy dress fit for a wedding reception. But at the same time, Gwen loves pretty dresses. She had no problem with this dress with the Cinderella tag. The dress is a size 4T and the sweater is a 3T. The 3T dress was a little tight! My super model in training.


Awesome twirling action shot!

It doesn't get much sweeter than this.

Some more cute Parker pictures

Gavin looks like a future missionary.
I love my kids. They are too funny. I love photo shoots. They make me smile.

3 thoughts:

Dawn said...

Adorable! What beautiful children! Okay, so I am a little prejudice.

Jenni said...

So cute! I love Gwen's dress!!! You're boys both look so much like their daddy! And little Gwen looks just like you. How fun!

Becca Jane said...

Love the GQ poses, hilarious! LOVE the twirling! I'm glad you like to dress her up.

97 pictures...haha! We had about 55 yesterday. Love the digital world...MUCH better than film and prints!