Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung. The flowers are in bloom. The trees have exploded with tiny white or pink fluff. The blossoms lazily drift in the warm breeze.

Some grass is spotted with yellow dandelions. The kids pick the young flowers to give to me. The mature ones they reserve for themselves. They carefully pick the cloud of white trying not to prematurely loosen the seeds. With all the hope of an innocent child their cheeks fill with air and they softly blow. “Did you make a wish?” I ask. The sparkle in their eyes and the small smile is answer enough but they answer a quiet and breathy yes.

Spring means longer days, itchy and red eyes, constant sneezing, ladybugs and singing birds. The sunshine calls my name in urgent tones. “Please come out and play. Nothing you do inside is more important than all the glorious indolence you can experience outside.” Outside I go.

IMG_2203 IMG_2215

As a child the sun called out to me. I would sweat in my blue jeans (shorts were not allowed at my school) sitting in a stale classroom that always smelled like sweaty hair and pencil shavings. As soon as the final bell rung I would walk home and begin the amazing feat of cramming a days’ worth of play in about four hours.

IMG_2209 IMG_2211

The setting sun could not convince us to go back in. The growing chill of dusk in spring wasn’t even enough. My sister would change her reversible shirt so the pink was on the inside and the black was on the outside. She was too young to realize black only absorbs heat when the sun is shining. We, my siblings and I, lived outside from spring until fall.

What games did you play when you lived outside as a kid?

We played Colored Eggs with the neighbor kids. Sometimes just the three of us. It depended.

Knock knock . . .
Who’s there?
The big bad wolf.
What do you want?
Colored eggs.
What color?

A color was named and the person who chose that color would run until the wolf tagged him/her.

This game had such a lasting impression on me that I taught my students how to play and I’ve taught my kids.

IMG_2204 IMG_2206 IMG_2205

Today is the first really nice day of Spring Break. We’ve managed to make it outside for a few hours every day this week but today was forecasted to have highs in the 70’s. I imagined getting pictures of the kids running through the caterpillar late in the afternoon when the sun was hottest. It’s not that warm and the kids haven’t asked. They did want to play in the boat with a slide they got for Easter. It’s a real pool but because they’ve played in a boat for so long they think that’s what it is!


Instead we’ve ran around for hours. Colored Eggs, Tag, running and squealing for the fun of it. I’m expecting a good post lunch blood sugar reading from the exercise I did this morning with my Wii trainer and now the carefree running around with my kids. Gwen asked to take a nap. An hour early. She was so tired but I still had to clean the caked on mud from her knees. She loves to get dirty but expects to be immediately cleaned up when the fun is over.

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Spring has sprung. Summer is around the corner. The possibilities are endless. The sun continues to call me. Does it call you?

3 thoughts:

Heath Westover said...

That post makes me wish that I could work outside. Instead I get to look at the outside through the forest of cubicles.

Tristan said...

I'm sorry you can't even look out the window anymore. I wrote the whole post, including uploading pictures, outside!

Becca Jane said...

Yes, the colored easter egg/wolf game!! I forgot about that! Wow, what memories that brings back!

Pink fluff....sure wish we had some of that around here. But no..we have snow.