Friday, April 9, 2010

That's My Girl

Pretty dress, pretty princess shoes (Sleeping Booty ones), and pushing a car. This girl is also crazy in love with trains. Dad is rediscovering an old train hobby of his as a result. She insisted on taking her four magnetic train cars to bed with her. Last night I was wearing my high heel wedge sandals to go to the store. Gwen told me many times they were bootiful. Yep, that's my girl.

3 thoughts:

Tristan said...

She took her train to bed with her last night and tonight she has Mack and Lightning McQueen in her bed. She makes a snoring sound and says "sleeping Mack!" Silly Little Miss.

Becca Jane said...

Allie loves 'boy toys' too! Haha, love the heels! I wish you were bringing her! Can't wait...SIX DAYS!!

Becca Jane said...

Cameron just came over and said, "Look! Lightening! Mom, can we go to their house sometime?"

Sure Cam....I'll go to Cali ANY day!