Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to the random conversation table

Parker praying: Please bless Dad that he can bring home food from a restaurant . . .

Parker: Dad is coming home with food right now.
Me: Really? What makes you think that?
Parker: Because I know everything.
We had a homemade meal much to Parker's surprise.

Parker: Please!
Heath: Please what? Give you a hug? Ok.
Parker: No! Please chip!
Heath: I've heard of a potato chip and I've heard of a computer chip but I've never heard of a please chip.
Me whispering: Say a complete sentence.
Parker: Please chip please.
Cue explosive gales of laughter.

Gavin started talking about Earth Week and how today he was supposed to have a "green" lunch, meaning no garbage allowed.
Me: Did you get a green note from school for your lunch?
Gavin: No. I had garbage with my lunch.
Me: What? I pay for you to have school lunch and they gave you stuff to throw away today?
Gavin: The notes were only for kids who brought lunch from home.
Heath: How is that fair?
How I hate public education!

Gwen knocking on the window: Wook at me! Wook at me!
Heath through the window: Yeah, I see you.
Gwen: Wook! A shoes on!
She was wearing her Disney princess shoes.

Parker praying: Please bless me when I can be so excited to be a grown up . . . Please bless me that when I'm a grown up I will play with toys and I won't make a mess in my bedroom.

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