Friday, April 30, 2010


If mothers were paid a penny for every time a child asked this question they would be rich. 

Except my kids don’t ask why. 

I get “What that?” a bajillion times a day from Gwen.  Lately it’s been at church as she sits on my lap flipping pages in a board book about Jesus. 

What that Jesus?  What that pretty dress?  What that baby? 

The other question I get is “What does (fill in the blank) mean?”  This is from Parker.  I know you’re thinking that he must be a smart little guy to ask so many questions.  What you don’t know is he asks this question about the most off the wall things. 

What does I love you mean?  What does hello mean?  What does brush your teeth mean?  I answer with, “What do you think it means?”  and I get back, “I don’t know . . .”

Why would make my day.  It’s easier to answer.  I usually know why and when I don’t I can always say because I said so or it’s magic or something like that.  How in the world do you answer a two year old who only asks the question to fill the silence?  I can answer her and she just points at the same thing and asks it again like the pull string in her back got stuck and she just repeats herself over and over. 

How am I supposed to answer a four year old who is asking questions he already knows the answer to?  He has a tendency to catch me off guard with the craziest questions.  I feel like I’m doing math and there is only one right answer but I’m not getting it.  The question will just be repeated until I give a satisfactory response.  At least he can rephrase the question a little bit.  He’s not a broken record like Gwen. 

Why would be welcome in my home.  Only when I ask why Parker asks so many questions I don’t get a great response if I get one at all.  Maybe why isn’t important to my family.  I wonder why. 

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Dawn said...

Give Parkeer a dictionary and let him look it up! Gwen perhaps needs her string cut. Kidding. Aren't kids fun? Why do you think that is so?