Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I finished filling out the paperwork for the Pre K Summer Program. I am actually ready to not send it at all. I know there was a lot of papers to fill out when Gavin did it but some of the papers this time around seem really personal.

The "Nutrition Packet", as it was described to me over the phone is an application for free or reduced meals from the school district. The school district does not need to know how much money we make. We will not qualify! I never even considered asking.

There was a voluntary form that if I signed it I was giving consent for them to share information with his pediatrician and other professionals. It seemed really strange and Heath told me not to sign it. I agreed.

There was some paper talking about how he could be referred to a specialist. I could request that the teacher make a referral or the teacher could just decide to make one based on observations of Parker. Then the specialist would contact me to set up a meeting. Nothing to sign on that page. Just a really bad feeling. I don't want to do this anymore. It feels like the assumption is we didn't send Parker to preschool or day care because we can't afford it and he has some sort of academic or behavioral challenges as a result. Heath says to do it anyway but I'm feeling kind of strange about it all. Maybe it's just an overreaction based on the kindergarten year we had where it became clear that parents are not members of the team that determines a student's best interest.

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Jenni said...

Yeah, I see what you're saying. But hey, it's still a free program that will help him get into the "routine" of school. If you want my humble opinion, I say take it as that and forget about the rediculous stuff in between. Good luck!:)