Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary!

I don’t take a moment on Labor Day to remember that was when I found out I have Type 1 diabetes.  I used to remember the day I was in a nasty car accident but June 1 comes and goes and I don’t give it a second thought except to remember my niece’s birthday.  I don’t remember what day I experienced my first kiss.  I don’t remember a lot of corner turning days in my life.  This is strange because my family teases me for my memory.  I usually remember things based on what I was wearing. 

A major corner turning, new chapter in my life kind of day is May 28, 2007.  And not because it’s Dawn and Barry’s anniversary.  This is the day we started our life in California.  I blogged for the first time on this day. 

My posts started out short and were filled with inappropriate information.  Like exactly where I lived!  It took several posts before I started to add pictures.  A couple of the early posts with pictures had the picture added after I posted.  Then I figured it out. 

For the fun of it let’s take a pictorial walk down memory lane. 

On May 5, 2007 we took family photos.  Gavin was 3 and Parker was 21 months. 


May 19, I spent the day with my mom, my sister, her fiancé, and their friend at the Vernal Temple. 


May 23, our house was boxed up.  We found out the buyers on our house backed out. 

May 24, Candi and Ed were married in the Bountiful Temple.  I have no good pictures of this event. 


May 25, everything was loaded onto the truck.  We spent the night at a local hotel and left Utah the next morning.


May 26, we drove to Truckee, CA.  This picture was taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats in UT.  I had two tiny boys and only dreams of a third child. 

Parker-bed Gavin-bed

May 27, we arrived at the beautifully furnished apartment being provided to us as corporate housing. 

Monday May 28 was Memorial Day.  Our first full day in San Francisco, where we started our California Adventure.  That night Heath set up my blog.  I sat on the floor in front of a glass coffee table with ornate black iron legs and typed my first post.  The rest is history. 

In the last three years of living in CA I have documented our lives in 911 posts on this blog.  If you count this post it’s 912.  I started another blog in January 2010 with a count of 75 posts total there.  Not all 75 posts are original since many of them were copied over from here to quickly build my reputation with Google. 

I have taught a blogging class in my home.  People in my ward think I’m good at blogging because I manage to write something nearly every day.  Most of the class participants have started their own blogs.  Many friends have later asked me to set up a blog for them.  I set one up for my sister after she had a preemie.  And to her dismay, I’m sure, I am still a contributor on her blog!  It’s fun to write posts for her every once in a while.  

Both of my blogs are pretty successful considering all I’m doing is writing about my personal life.  I am obsessed with my stats on Google Analytics.  I have made over $30 from my Google Ads.  Still not enough to get paid!  I don’t blog for the money.  It’s just interesting to see what ads come up and see if anyone clicks on them. 

The craziest thing that happened was about a year ago someone put this blog on Mormon Blogosphere.  I am still flattered that one of my readers would do that.  I have a guess as to who it was but I don’t know for sure and my guess is such a beautiful dream it’s what I tell myself happened.  I am in the personal section as The Piquant Storyteller.  It was before I decided to give that name to a separate creative writing blog. 

Over the last three years this blog has had two addresses and three names - The Westovers, The Piquant Storyteller, and now Based on a True Story. 

My life truly changed in miraculous ways on May 28, 2007.  Here’s to more life changes, personal blogging, more Say What posts, I’ve Learned posts, creative writing essays, ranting posts, and everyday life according to Tristan Westover. 

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mintifresh said...

I have something for you at my blog :D

Fulkerson Clan said...

congrats on your 3 year anniversary!! that is awesome that you've never lost your blogging steam in all that time. i would count your move to CA and you starting your blog as when i really started to get to know you :) it's funny, but it's hard to believe i only knew you for about 7-8 months before you moved so i've known you longer through your blog! i've really enjoyed reading your entries and i know we've offered each other advice and supported each other these past few years through emails and blog comments (i just reread a comment by you from an old blog entry of mine and it helped me with something a second time!) so here's to several more years of touching each other's lives through blogging! keep up the amazing work!!