Monday, May 3, 2010

Lazily Dreaming the Day Away

FFFFwit! That is the sound of my Diet Coke opening.

Ahhhhhhhh . . . That is the sound of me settling in to my own tropical oasis. Extreme relaxation takes over my entire being and soon I haven’t a care in the world.

I could sit here for hours. Maybe I will. Just ignore the phone, the messy house, the crayon on the back step (only use the sidewalk chalk to color outside), any sense of reality. I am in my backyard and it is peaceful.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Gwen has tipped a chair over, falling down in the process. Luckily my mother’s intuition quickly kicked in and I saved her from having the chair fall directly on top of her. Disaster averted. A loving hug followed by wiping surprised tears away. We all sink back into bliss.

The grass is luscious and green. The trees are full of leaves giving privacy to my backyard daydreaming. The kids are happily squirting each other with the caterpillar sprinkler. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Can't you just hear the giggles from looking at the pictures?
Until I see the second spider of the day.

The first was spotted three bites into my heavenly potato salad. Cue sound of needle scraping across a vinyl record. No worries. It was small, although it was heading straight for me. Since I can’t very well stomp on the table, I grabbed a piece of mulch and gently scraped it off the edge. Then I stomped on it triumphantly.

This second spider was nearly the size of my head. And it was just calmly walking lumbering along. Raid took care of this monstrosity. My perfect day will not be ruined by nature. It’s been five minutes and I think it’s finally stopped twitching now.

Back to delicious random thoughts. Another swig of Diet Coke followed by beautiful calm makes me wonder why people say to choose water over soda. How bad could soda be? Diet Coke has no calories or carbs. It has very little sodium. Other than inhibiting weight loss and robbing teeth of enamel, what’s the big deal? It’s soooooo yummy and it makes me soooooo happy . . .

Small birds zip around landing on a tree branch. Then they're off again as quickly as they landed. A yellow butterfly flits by. Large fuzzy bumblebees buzz around flowers. My mind is refreshingly blank. My eyes blink slowly.
The kids are literally crawling all over me. Gwen is demanding the Down Down song. Parker is hovering over my every move across they keyboard. The last drop of Diet Coke has long since been drained. Actually, the last drop always stays in the bottle torturing me with its determination to not slide onto my tongue. What is that all about?

Another sneezing fit. Spring in California. The itchy, watery eyes don't convince me to go inside. My irritated throat makes me cough inside or out so I stay out.

I just stomped on a third spider. This one was the size of a squirrel. I’m not making that up. I found the courage to stomp on it because it looked maimed or old or “special.” Hard to say which. Parker was trapped unless I became the hero. Super Mom to the rescue.

All conscious thinking has flitted away like the dragonfly darting across the yard. I don’t fight the sweet nothingness of this moment.

Well, the sun has slowly moved my shade. It’s becoming more and more apparent that I need to reenter the land of the living. Oh but the precious moments of doing absolutely nothing were beautiful. I must do this again some day.

2 thoughts:

mintifresh said...

I hear ya on the delightfulness of DC!! Sounds like a lovely day!

PS-I love the new blog title! :D

Dawn said...

And you want to give all that up to move to the Pacific Northwest? Therre is no sunshine or warm temps here this week. How about if the rest of us move down there?