Friday, May 14, 2010

Photographic Evidence

Isn't that how blogging works? It's not enough to talk about something. There has to be photographic evidence to back up the story. Some sort of proof that you were there. I should never be in charge of photographing an event. I'm sure if Heath was scrunched on bleachers with a 4 year old on one side and a 2 year old in his lap, he could still do a much better job than I did.

Oh well. It is what it is. The following are the only good pictures of Gavin's First Grade Sing-along.

I tried to fix as many red eyes as I could but there's a lot of kids and I kind of like the demon looks they all seem to have. Gavin actually looks pretty normal in this picture. The typical Gavin smile that is rarely captured on camera. My favorite part of this picture is the little girl in the front row with her finger up her nose. Classic first grade pose!

The music teacher started the show explaining a few things and then he said that at the end of the show parents were invited to stand closer to get close up shots of their kids as long as they didn't fill their digital card! This is what I got from Gavin.

I was off to the side trying to steer Gwen and Parker out of the way. I quickly snapped twice and got these amazing pictures. The quality is so good I think I should enter them in a contest or something. And isn't Gavin's smile the best? That should land him a career as a magazine model at least.
I also took some video.

The camera is shaking like I've had a little too much Diet Coke. For as much as Gavin goes on and on about he loves his music class, he knew very few words. I think he knows more but the whole experience made him act weird.

Gwen got tired of my lap. I'm sorry I ever put her on my lap. Before the whole thing started Gwen was getting bored. I put her on my lap for a moment. The second I did this mom swooped in and sat down next to Parker. Actually, she almost sat on Parker. We had to move down quite a bit to give her and her son room. She didn't know the mom on the other side of her. I was surprised that happened the way it did, especially with no polite words or any words at all. Just plunking herself down next to us. I decided not to hold a grudge when I saw so many parents and younger siblings standing along the perimeter of the room. There weren't enough seats for everyone on the bleachers.

Wow. That was a tangent! Before I got sidetracked I was going to say that Gwen was bored on my lap after her fruit snacks were gone. Man, I love being diabetic because I would have never thought to have a purse full of snacks for my kids unless I needed them for myself! She got down and started dancing. It was pretty entertaining. We had fun watching Gavin. He was so proud to see us in the audience.

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Rhonda.Dzierzon said...

Gosh your little ones are getting so BIG! they are really cute! I hope you are well =)