Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Series of Unfortunate/Fortunate Events

I got this email from my sister in law this morning about an "epic bike accident" my brother was in. I will let her tell the story in her own words:

"Yesterday there was a serious of unfortunate/fortunate events:

Unfortunately Tyson wrecked on his bike on the way home from work.
Fortunately he was not hit by a car. The road was slick. His bike tire hit the lip of the road where the asphalt meets the gutter and he lost control.

Unfortunately his body hit a stopped car when he went down.
Fortunately it was our neighbors across the street. They were obviously concerned and offered him a ride home.

Unfortunately his bike did not fit in their vehicle.
Fortunately his adrenalin got him home.

Unfortunately Tyson bled on my newly mopped floor.
Fortunately I was home to administer what ever first aid I knew. My volunteering in the ER at the hospital has helped me to stay calm when I saw the blood.

Unfortunately I did not know how to treat his injuries besides stopping the bleeding.
Fortunately Sharon was home and willing to come assess the damages.

Unfortunately his injuries required us to go to urgent care.
Fortunately we have good insurance and only had a $15.00 co-pay, plus the wait was not 3 hours at urgent care.

Unfortunately the doctor was concerned he had fractured his elbow.
Fortunately the x-ray showed no fracture.

Unfortunately he needed stitches for his elbow and the position they had him lay in was very uncomfortable.

Fortunately the doctor was surprised the injury on his elbow wasn't as deep as she thought initially. He only had 3 stitches.

Unfortunately Tyson is sore all over and Calvin says he walks like Yoda.
Fortunately he is alive and back to work today!

Hope your day is a series of FORTUNATE events!"
Wow! I hope my brother is ok. I know he's probably really proud of his wounds. That's the kind of person he is.

2 thoughts:

Becca Jane said...

That was fun to read! Hope he heals up quickly!

Dawn said...

OW! Sereious road rash. I knew bike riding was dangerous. How many times did your mom warn you when you were growing up? No wonder I don't have a bicycle.