Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What goes around comes around. My family likes to plan as well as fly by the seat of their pants. In the last year I have surprised them with two visits. So I guess it's only fair that they are now surprising us with a visit.

My mom has been talking for the last few weeks about possibly coming to visit us for Memorial Day weekend. She was afraid she couldn't get the time off from work so she said they would come over the fourth of July. The way she's been talking the last couple times we've talked with her, she really sounded like July was it.

Last night the phone rang. Heath answered with his traditional Spanish greeting saved special for my mom. My mom asked what we were doing this weekend and then said they were coming! It's funny because I almost called to ask. But I stopped myself thinking that they would have said something if they were coming.

We are surprised and excited. The kids can't wait to see Grandma, Aunt Candi, Uncle Ed and Baby Isabel. On the way home from school today Parker was saying that "Baby Isabel is a funny baby. She just crawls around and says (in a falcetto voice) 'I need my diaper changed! Wait, no I don't.'" We were all busting a gut over that one.

I need to clean my house! I have to prepare to see my endocrinologist tomorrow. I need to remember to ask my friend, who is babysitting for me, about the beach she loves to go to. I have enough time to do these things if I could just stay focused. Well, at least I know what I need to do. Doing it is the hard part.

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Jenni said...

How fun! Enjot the time with your family, that's exciting!!!