Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Lately I have been getting a few phone calls from my city.  They never left a message so I assumed it was all about voting in June. 

Heath was gone late one night and I got this phone call from Ogden, UT.  For a moment I lost my mind and thought he had the van.  OnStar allows us to call from our van and the number shows up as Ogden, UT on the caller ID.  So I answer the phone figuring it was either Heath or my brother’s cell phone or someone we knew in Utah right? 

No.  It was some kid in his early 20’s.  How old must I be to say that!  Anyway, this guy talked to me for 20 minutes about some measure on the June ballot in my city.  I was so annoyed. 

We have been getting tons of flyers and junk in the mail and whatever else about this measure that I still don’t know how I feel about.  So when I saw all these phone calls from my city and no messages . . . well, you do the math. 

Yesterday I saw the phone number again and I ignored it.  They immediately called back and I yelled at the phone, like that would help!  “If you want to talk to me so badly, leave a message!”  It worked because they did. 

I listened to the message later and smacked my forehead for dodging the calls.  It was a lady from one of the local preschools whose teachers do the Pre K Summer Program.  I was so excited to call her back today.  This was the program Gavin did for one month the summer before he entered kindergarten.  Parker was going to be able to do it too!

The only requirement for this program is that the students have not had any preschool or day care experience.   I’m so excited about this for Parker because it was such a positive experience for Gavin when he did it.  The kids go to a local school and listen to stories, do art projects, learn how roll call is done at school, go on field trips to the nearby park, one field trip on a bus to Fairy Land, they play outside a lot and have snacks provided.  It’s a great way to transition into kindergarten. 

When Gavin did it I was so impressed I wanted to pay them something because everything was provided including the gifts they would give the kids.  It was amazing.  Well, I found out today that this program is funded by grant money.  The snacks are provided for the students if all the parents fill out the nutrition card in the packet of information.  What a great use of grant money. 

I feel like a free loader being so excited about this.  But I think it’s nice that the city and the school district will recognize that not every child needs to go to a rigorous academic preschool to prepare for kindergarten.  All this program does is get kids used to a school routine before they go to school. 

I had already decided not to send Gavin to summer school.  I feel like I let the horrible kindergarten experience he had influence my decision to send him to an art and drama class.  He had fun but it wasn’t really worth the trouble.  I’m glad he’s staying home because I’m not Wonder Woman.  I couldn’t get kids to two different schools at the same time. 

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Jenni said...

That program sounds awesome! How can we hook up with something like that in Utah, I wonder?! And don't feel bad about it, if you've met the requirements and it's out there, go for it! That's awesome!