Friday, June 11, 2010

C’est Finis

The last day came with a lot of fanfare and partying.  The first graders took their last field trip today by walking across the street to the park.  My wonderful friend, Linda, agreed to watch Parker and Gwen for me so I could go on the field trip.

The field trip was organized well.  There were different stations in the park that the classes would go to.  It was brilliant.  Gavin’s class started out in the water.  It was 9:30 am and the air hadn’t finished warming up yet but nothing was going to stop those kids from celebrating in the water.  It reminded me of the movie Stand and Deliver after the kids finished taking the AP Calculus test. 

Last-day-of-1st-grade-001 Last-day-of-1st-grade-002 Last-day-of-1st-grade-003 Last-day-of-1st-grade-004 Last-day-of-1st-grade-005 Last-day-of-1st-grade-006

Too much fun! 

When our turn with this station was over we headed to the picnic tables for a snack.  Everyone got a big piece of watermelon then played on the playground.


Gavin had fun running around with everyone.  I had a hard time taking pictures of him on the playground. 

Last-day-of-1st-grade-011 Last-day-of-1st-grade-016

The teachers had everyone sit on the steps for some pictures.  With every picture I took today, the sun was so bright I had no idea when was a good time to snap the shot.  It was hard to see in my little camera window.  So I took about 10 of these class on the stairs shots! 

Last-day-of-1st-grade-018 Last-day-of-1st-grade-019

Then we moved to the grass for some parachute time.  I took a million of these pictures too.  I should have done video of the kids not listening to instructions.  It was hilarious.  The teachers would tell them how to move the parachute or play a game and half the kids were clueless. 


The kids were so excited to go camping by making the parachute a tent but it took a few times with parent help to get the kids under the parachute and sitting on it from behind.  They played the color game again and I think it made more sense under the parachute.  Some kids, including Gavin, could not figure out to run under the parachute to another spot of the same color.  I think Gavin changed his color a couple times because he was so confused. 

Last-day-of-1st-grade-031 Last-day-of-1st-grade-032

The last game they played was Duck Duck Goose.  Those kids were fast.  Teachers were running full steam and not catching the kids.  Poor pregnant Mrs. H.  She kept getting picked to run. 

Finally it was lunch time.  The kids were starving and looking forward to pizza.  Gavin’s class was smart enough to sit on blankets in the shade.  The picnic tables were in full sun and it was starting to get really hot. 


The teachers posed with kids for pictures.  Gavin has loved being in first grade with these two wonderful teachers. 


The kids went back to the classroom for a minute.  Don’t they all look so tired?  Gavin came home and stared catatonically at the TV for a short movie Parker wanted to watch.  He’s getting his second wind now. 


As we left I had to get a picture of Gavin with the student teacher.  Her eyes were closed in this picture so I got another one.  But she doesn’t look like she blinked.  It actually looks like she just loves Gavin that much!  No, she blinked. 


Here are her eyes!  Gavin loved both student teachers his class had this year.  I never really had the chance to talk to the first one but I have seen her around working with other classes. 

This one, the one Gavin posed for the picture with, is so sweet.  She has always gone out of her way to find me to pay me the nicest compliments about not only Gavin but my whole family.  She thinks he is sweet.  No surprise there.  He is sweet. 

Today she complimented his writing.  She said he writes great stories.  Melt a writer’s heart!  She usually talks about how sweet Gavin’s stories are because he writes about Gwen a lot.  She says Gavin shows so much love for his family in his writing.  Maybe Heath and I are doing a good job as parents after all. 


I was hoping to see the principal on our way out.  He was at the front receiving hug after hug after hug and signing yearbooks.  I had to get a picture of Gavin with him.  He was quite the principal.  He reminds me of Mr. Jensen, my elementary school principal, who also loved his students out loud.  Mr. S also reminds me of a principal at North Elementary in Cedar City, UT where I did most of my practicum experiences in college.  That principal knew every student by name.  That impressed me so much.  Same with Mr. S.  He knows every student and cares deeply for all of them. 

The services he has provided our family have been priceless as they are above the call of duty.  He will be missed. 

The day we have eagerly anticipated is here.  The last day.  School is done.  Over.  C’est finis.  Surprisingly, I am pretty sad about it all.  Saying goodbye is hard to do.  Try it.

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Dawn said...

I am so glad that Gavin had a good school year. It really helps when you are given positive feed back instead of always vague and negative. The park looks like a great field trip. We had our own water park this week with a huge thunderstorm that sat right over us for about and hour and a half. That is so rare here in the Pacific Northwest. I am really looking forward to summer vacation. We have four more days to go. Ick!