Sunday, June 27, 2010

Digital Love Letters

Back in the day people sent letters.  They used a pen and paper to express their undying love for one another.  The messages were sent by boat, by horse, and later by mail.  Now we send messages via electronic mail, known as email. 

Email has been around since the 70’s if you can believe that one.  It’s true if you don’t believe me!  It gained popularity of epic proportions in the 90’s.  Now people don’t even have to have a computer or laptop to email.  People can use cell phones or other PDA’s.  Public displays of affection?  No, that’s not what it means! 

Last week Heath went on a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia to pitch an idea to a company.  He woke me up on Wednesday morning to kiss me goodbye.  I told him he had to.  Because of the timing of his flights along with the time zone difference, he kept me updated on his progress via his Blackberry.  He also called me when he could but the email part was something we had never done before. 

On the plane on time (Wednesday 6:46 am)
Love you.

On the ground (Wednesday 11:58 am)
Call you when I can.

IMG00074-20100624-2122.jpg (Thursday 6:23 pm)
What a crazy dinner.  Wish you were here.
Love you.

The dinner was pretty spectacular.  He went out with his boss after the pitch was over.  They went to a Thai food restaurant that served enough food in one entre to feed an entire third world country!  And we wonder why America is fat. 

Heath ordered something that came in a full pineapple.  He said it was really good but that if I ever go and get the same thing I better order the mild and not the medium like he did.  He bit into a pepper that he swore was so hot it was blistering his tongue.  Or at least that’s what it felt like.  His boss kept telling him to eat the rice.  But the rice felt like sandpaper on his raw tongue.  Plus, it was also spicy.  She counted and Heath downed four glasses of water in a matter of seconds.  When the waiter came by to refill his Sprite he almost grabbed the pitcher and swigged it. 

Heath is not a spice pansy.  We love spicy food in our family.  I eat jalapeños with wild abandon.  Heath can take more heat than I can.  But this dinner did him in.  He had to get a picture of it because it was such an experience and it was such an interesting presentation.  His boss’s dinner was served in a watermelon half.  

Checking out (Friday 3:07 am)
I figured I would give you updates via email since you are hopefully still asleep.

Waiting for plane (Friday 4:34 am)
At the gate waiting.  Love you.

On the plane (5:02 am)
See you soon.  Love you.

Hello from the air (7:56 am)
I am using on board WiFi so I wanted to say hello, I love you and see you soon.

progress (9:04 am)
flying over Utah right now, it looks like I will be flying over Cedar City (the plane has a moving map of where we are at.)
Love you.

Descending into SF be on the ground in 30-40 minutes (9:59 am)

On ground (10:23 am)

Heath was bummed I didn’t email him back.  I didn’t have the computer on for most of the day on Wednesday and I was busy on Friday with friends over.  I didn’t know if I should email him back when he was using his work address with the on board WiFi.  I love these emails though.  I love the simplicity of the digital love letters.  I am a paranoid panicky mess, especially when Heath is out of town on business.  Phone calls and emails ease my mind.  Isn’t technology the best?

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Becca Jane said...

This sounds like Nate. He calls and/or texts and/or IM's me every 10 minutes all day every day. It used to bother me, but now I think it's endearing. They love us!