Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Un-Birthday to You!


It’s hard to believe my Little Man is growing up.

Seven years ago on June 11, I more or less quit my job. It was the last day of school and I was very pregnant. Gavin was born about three weeks later on July 5.


This picture is a little better. He looks more like the little boy he still is. His class celebrated his birthday today. We decorated a birthday poster for him. The top of it said something like Today I am blank years old. He didn’t know what to write. He’s still 6 for almost another month.

My little boy is only 6. He still spills on himself when he eats. That shirt was clean this morning! He has a permanent rash on his face from chewing on things. Art is experienced not just done to check it off a list. I always know when they did an art project at school because his hands are covered in marker and paint.

He giggles and usually puts his hands over his mouth in that classic little kid way of giggling. He thinks the Tooth Fairy takes teeth to put in a puzzle to make money. He thinks a pet peeve is an animal. He thinks Driver’s Ed is a geography class with a myriad of maps to memorize.

He has an imagination that doesn’t quit. He dreams big. He plays hard. And does everything at full volume.

He can’t wait to turn 7 and really celebrate his birthday. I can. I took him to school this morning so I could help him with his Styrofoam piece full of star spangled pencils and the birthday poster. I really wish I had taken a picture of all the pencils because they were impressive together. Everyone’s eyes were wide with wonderment as they looked at the tray of shiny glittery-ness. His classmates were excited. The moms were complimentary and interested.

In all the chaos of students waiting in line while parents chatted, his class started walking. What? The teacher came out already? I saw it was the student teacher who came to get the class. She comes out with a smile on her face but wastes no time in moving those kids into the building. I handed the Styrofoam tray to Gavin who already had the rolled up poster and asked if he could handle it. I meant to give it to the teacher but she was already halfway across the courtyard. Bless that little boy’s heart, he took the pencils and balanced the awkward load while trying to keep up with the line. I desperately watched the whole scene hoping he would make it.

I never watch him walk all the way in. In fact, today was the first day in at least a month that I actually walked onto the black top to wait with him. I have started saying my goodbyes at the gate. Today I watched his small frame with the big black backpack confidently march with his class, his arms full of evidence he is growing up. In that moment I saw him as the 6 year old he is.

Happy un-birthday Gavin. How wonderful that your class would recognize your summer birthday.

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Dawn said...

“A very happy un-birthday to you, to you.” I think that is my very favorite part of Alice in Wonderland –the un-birthday party. It may be because I am a bit of a mad-hatter.
It is so hard to see my little ones grow up. I always had such great plans for things I was going to do with my grandchildren. Of course, that was before I had to work full time. Only 3 more years!
The pencils look great!