Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photos, Lies and Food

One of the benefits of an early church schedule is having the whole afternoon to

get into trouble.

Actually, Isabel did not get into trouble.

Neither did Parker.

Or Gavin. Although he has that look on his face. Can't you see the wheels turning?

No, we decided to take these little cherubs to the park for a photo shoot. We always get the best pictures at the park. Sunday was no exception. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The kids played hard. Grandma and Uncle Ed played hard too. The playground was full of little voices echoing, "Grandma! Look at me! Grandma! Over here! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!"
Uncle Ed chased the boys all over the playground. I was impressed nobody peed with all the laughing they did. Growls, giggles, and grins caused the boys to collapse in a heap of huffing and puffing. Those boys are so in love with their Uncle Ed who always has time to play with them.

When we saw this we knew it was time to head home for some delicious barbecue.

Everyone had pitched in on Saturday to help Heath prepare his succulent meal. It was well worth the effort. Tri tip marinated and grilled to perfection, homemade focaccia bread, famous Westover potato salad, fruit salad - yummy yummy, and last but not least Thomas Kemper root beer and soda.
Whenever we have people over this is one of our favorite meals to share. Well, some variation of tri tip, potato salad and whatever else we decide to do. Everyone raves about it. Heath humbly accepts the praise. He has no idea how dazzling a chef he really is. The praise is sincere. It's not people gushing because they don't know what else to say. He is really that good!

After dinner we sat around the picnic table outside lying to each other. That's my family's way of saying we told stories and talked. Then we finally gave in to the kids bright, wide eyes. We had a birthday party for Isabel, who turned a year old today. Chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream anyone?

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