Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The places books will take you . . .

Books are awesome.  When I was a kid I remember buying books any chance I could.  Book orders, school book fairs, the bookstore.  I loved books.  In fact, I probably would have listed reading as a skill and hobby on a child resume.  Yes, I was a geek. 

I started ordering The Gymnasts, a series of books about four girls on a gymnastics team.  My addiction got out of control.  The author kept writing and I kept buying.  But one time Scholastic didn’t have the book I ordered so they gave me one I already had as a way to make it up to me.  Nice.  I had two number 4 books in the series. 

So I saved my cash to buy number 13.  My mom was sweet enough to take me to the bookstore in the mall to make my major purchase.  I quickly found the book I needed and we walked to the cashier’s counter.  I laid down the book and proceeded to count out the price of the book in change.  Most of them were pennies. 

At the time I didn’t realize my mom was extremely embarrassed.  When that thought occurred to me years later I couldn’t understand why.  I was a child.  Kids in the 80’s only had cash, most of which was found on the street.  Now that I’m a mother with a brood of my own, I feel her pain.  Not that my kids have paid for anything with pennies but I get how embarrassing kids can be in public.  So sorry Mom! 

Oh but that woman sure gave us a love of books.  Every summer she would sign us up for the summer reading program at the library.  I don’t remember any of the prizes but I do remember it was a yearly thing to be counted on.  I loved it. 

I thought of my mom today as I took my kids to the library and signed up my boys for the summer reading program.  They are excited to read.  I told Gavin that our daily scripture reading will count too so we need to keep track of time.  He was pretty happy about that.  It reminded me of his A’s Reading Contract he completed to see an Oakland A’s game with his dad.  I still need to write that story! 

When we were at the library the boys were playing with the toys.  I got Gwen out of her stroller so she could play too.  That girl took off like a rocket.  She ran as fast as her two year old legs could carry her all the way around the Summer Reading Program tent to the other side of the children’s play area.  She continued to run straight for the big wooden alligator that holds all the board books for young children.  Gwen grabbed a Monster’s Inc. book and ran all the way back to the table the boys were at. 

The boys had this look of surprised confusion on their faces like they weren’t sure what just happened and why did I leave without telling them.  I was just as confused as they were.  Gwen acted like she knew exactly what she wanted, although I have no idea how she was able to spot that book the way we entered the children’s section of the library.  She was sitting on one of the big fluffy chairs at the table reading her Monster’s Inc. book to herself. 

Oh that girl makes me laugh. 

We got home in time for lunch.  Gavin insisted that I make something out of his cook book he bought at a school book fair.  It’s Better Homes and Gardens Snack Attack Return of the Munchies. 

Preparing more interesting food for my children was also on my list of things to do this summer.  We just haven’t finished our grocery shopping yet.  I don’t know why.  And I hate grocery shopping and have been doing enough other errands the last couple days that are beyond my comfort zone as the publicly anxiety ridden person I am, that I refuse to take my gaggle grocery shopping!  That was an overshare. 

I looked through the book thinking there must be something I could make.  I found it. 


Did I enlarge that enough?  If not, you can always click on the picture to see more detail. 

I had everything but the granola.  So I improvised by taking one of the packages of Nature’s Harvest granola bars and smashing it in a baggie with a meat tenderizer.  I’m so resourceful. 

It was a yummy lunch.  I forgot there were nutrition facts so I counted carbs myself and bolused according to my own calculations.  My guess is there are a lot more carbs than 28 grams per wrap.  The tortilla is 20 grams on its own plus there’s peanut butter and apple and granola.  I figured my wrap plus a glass of milk was worth 59 grams of carbs.  I guess high at lunch because I tend to be really insulin and carb resistant this time of day. 

The kids liked it but the two little ones had a hard time figuring out how to eat it without the wrap falling apart on them.  So you see how they wrapped it all up in a napkin?  Do that.  Gwen took her first bite from the bottom and was upset that the guts were spilling all over her plate.  Parker kept setting his down so it would unfold itself.  He kept growling at it calling it a naughty wrap!  Ha ha!  That kid.  No worries, I still plan on adding to the Say What post I promised yesterday. 

We will read our library books now and mark off the first half hour toward a flashlight.  It’s a camping theme this year.  How did another day zoom by so fast? 

4 thoughts:

mintifresh said...

That wrap looks so yummy! I'm gonna have to try that! And I'm sure you know I love books just as much as you, and apparently Gwen! ;)

Dawn said...

Hooray for books! I could not be a librarian without the love of books but my love affair started as a child too. I think most of all my sister got me going. When she was in school she purchased all the required reading books then rented them out to other students. So I had a ready made library when I grew into them. She was the one who introduced me to “The Hobbit” and even got Tolkien’s autograph for me when she was in England. I love that you are doing the public library’s summer reading program. Have a happy summer reading all sorts of new adventures.

Becca Jane said...

I like to say that I've been an avid reader all of my life, but lately it seems to come and go. I'm on an upswing right now, so I'm reading more often. Roo LOVES books. Cam used to, but rarely will hold still for one now. I hope that changes when he gets a little less energetic (fingers crossed??).

Lunch looks good!!

Suzanne said...

Another great sharing story, Tristan! The wrap does look tasty. (Yes, the picture was perfectly enlarged enough to make me hungry!) The granola bar was a shear bit of genius! Many times, what with my writing schedule, it’s exactly the perfect type of lunch, dinner, actually, anytime of day and night that it works well for me. I love the fact that your children read. It’s, of course, your influence which was passed onto you by your mom. My life was quite different growing up on a farm. But still, when my son was going up, I had what we called “special time” together. It was time set aside for reading, which also included the Bible. This I wrote of too in Mommy’s Writings. It’s one of the best learning tools on earth. But then again, moms somehow know this. Don’t we?

Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author, would you like a sandwich?