Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Redeemed Crappy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day turned Crappy Father’s Day (literally) turned one of the best evenings we have spent together as a family . . . maybe ever.

The kids and I have started a new tradition for Father’s Day. We have started a scrapbook for Heath. I put together a scrapbook page with pictures of Heath and the kids. The kids drew pictures or wrote why they love their dad so much. Awww! So sweet.

The spotlight quickly moved from Heath to everyone else. Parker finally earned his last bead which meant he earned Buzz Lightyear as well as a ticket to Toy Story 3. The bead thing has been going on since February. The movie incentive was added last week. There were 60 beads in the jar and now they are finally all out. Buzz has been sitting in the top of my closet gathering dust. Today he took his boxed self to Parker’s bed during church to wait for Parker. Gavin discovered him after Parker walked right by Buzz several times. The joy on Parker’s face is priceless.

Parker-and-Buzz-001 Parker wanted to smile like Buzz! That kid is too funny.

More thunder stealing came at church. There’s some back story to this one worth telling.

Last week Heath and I were playing Skip-Bo after the kids were in bed. Heath was getting his butt kicked because I rock at Skip-Bo. Well, and I was having really good luck but it sounds better to say I am so good at the game. Anyway, the phone rang and my game rapidly fizzled out afterwards.

Bro. Williams, a member of our ward’s Bishopric, called. Heath answered because I just gave a talk not too long ago. We figured it was Heath’s turn. Interestingly weird fact about Heath and me, we fight over who answers a Bishopric phone call hoping to be asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting! I know, we’re strange that way.

Heath made some lame joke about me being married so technically I wasn’t available. Ha ha. But now I’m nervous right? I don’t want to give a prayer. What else could it be? Calling. It has to be a calling.

I answer the phone and he doesn’t say much. Just asked when he could meet with me for 10 minutes. (Yep. Calling.) We agree to the next night at 8:00 pm and he said he would come to my house.

Heath heard my half of the conversation and knew as well as I did what the meeting was about. So we start speculating. Someone had been released from a Sunday School position and wasn’t replaced. I was excited because I miss the youth and would love to teach Sunday School to the youth.

We try to go back to our game but my mind wasn’t in it. A couple turns into it Heath stops and reminds me that a couple was moving. She was a counselor in the Primary Presidency. I stared at my cards without seeing what was on them. I blindly got through each turn by discarding without playing any other cards. Heath kicked my butt so easily I don’t think he even enjoyed his victory.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that we are called by Heavenly Father to serve in different positions. Those in authority will fast and pray about who should serve where. Friends don’t pick friends or pick the person who seems the most qualified for the position. Callings come from Divine inspiration. It is interesting to note that we have a lay ministry only. There is no paid clergy.

When Heath said counselor in the Primary Presidency I knew that moment that was my calling. The way I know I have been called of God is that I was not afraid to do it. A year ago, maybe even a few months ago I would not have wanted to do this calling. At all. But somehow I felt excited about serving in the Primary Presidency.

I was not surprised when Bro. Williams came the next evening and called me to be the second counselor in the Primary Presidency. He kept asking if I was ok with it. It’s a big responsibility to serve in a presidency and I feel like a grown up because I have never been in one as an adult! I assured him that I knew that was the calling he came about and I was ok with it. I was sustained and set apart today.

When we got to church we all slid into the pew in front of a family we usually sit in front of. Heidi is the Primary President. She immediately started rubbing my back as soon as I sat down. She said she was so excited for it to all be official. Minutes later I was sustained. Meaning the members of the ward congregation all agree to support me. After church I was set apart, which means I was given a special blessing to help me perform my duties as the second counselor.

I should be so scared but so far I’m not. I know most of the kids in Primary because when we first moved here I taught the 4 year olds going on 5 year olds. I have also substitute taught in a few different classes. One of my original students is turning 8 years old and has decided to be baptized with his older sister. My heart was bursting when I found that out today! He is such a sweet boy and I know this was a big decision for him and his sister.

Happy Father’s Day Heath, it’s not about you today! In fact, our ward decided not to do anything special for the men. I don’t get that. I don’t get it when wards decide to do something big for the women on Mother’s Day but hardly even acknowledge Father’s Day.

Heath spent most of church today dealing with Gwen. She started this whole constipation thing a few weeks before school let out. It has come and gone and come again. She was so uncomfortable she would shake and scream but refuse to poop. So when we got home from church we put her in a bath where the neighbors probably thought we were beating her she was screaming so loudly.

I got the boys some lunch and Heath and I ate candy bars. The candy bars were a Father’s Day gift from my mom. Sort of. I messed up the surprise by forgetting that my mom was sending me money to buy Heath a candy bar to go with the gift she got him. Heath laughed at me for forgetting and then told my mom about it today! Thanks Heath. Now I need to find something equally embarrassing about you to tell your mother.

The candy bars were quick and easy so we could concentrate on Gwen. It was like watching my 2 year old give birth. I was rubbing her back and hugging her and doing anything I could to soothe her. Meanwhile she was shaking and screaming the screams only heard of by women in labor. We wondered if we should take her to the doctor and if we could find one on a Sunday afternoon. We pleaded with her to just poop so we wouldn’t have to take her to the hospital. What else can you do?

Heath went to the pharmacy and talked to a pharmacist who gave him liquid laxative for kids. We dosed Gwen, got her out of the tub to clean the tub and run fresh water. She sat on her potty chair while I did all that and finally delivered an impressive poopy for a small girl. We all breathed a little easier after that.

We watched Toy Story 2 together, had Philly cheese steak sandwiches on homemade bread rolls. Again, Happy Father’s Day Heath. You get to do all the cooking. Put me in charge and I give you a Snickers candy bar! After dinner we played the funnest game of Hide and Seek I have ever played. I have never been that out of breath, laughing that hard all from a game of Hide and Seek. Our house still feels like a million degrees from all the running around.

It’s nice to know that for all the twists and turns of this day we were able to steer it all back to Heath in the end with some good old fashioned family fun. He even read the bedtime story with silly voices. The kids loved it. It’s a book called Have I Got a Book For You! by Melanie Watt. I’m so grateful he is the father of my children. They have no idea how blessed they are to have such a wonderful father. I hope they never have to know the other side of the father fence.

5 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Wow, what an exciting Father's Day! You're going to be great in the primary!!! And poor Gwen. I hurt for her just reading your story. I hope things "clear up" in that area. :)

Sherron said...

Miralax. It truly performs miracles. We had to use it with my little Seth. Take care of this ASAP so she doesn't associate pooping with pain. No fun. Typing with one hand and holding baby. Sorry for the telegram-like style.

Cannonball said...

Okay, I'm totally crying! I'll have to share my experience in choosing you and Deann. I'm glad you're excited...we need that! Can't wait to get started. I love reading your blog!!!

Dawn said...

You will do a great job in the Primary presidency! Heath has already had a lot of practice putting up chairs and getting things ready for sharing time. I was Primary president not long after we moved to Washington and he was a great help. Isn’t it wonderful to have the Spirit confirm that you are called of God? There are so many callings I did not feel up to but once you know the Lord is the one who called you it is much easier. Hang in there Gwen. And I would most definitely speak to the doctor about it. (Okay, you did not ask for those 2 cents, sorry)

Dawn said...

Oh, Happy Father's Day, Heath