Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turning one two days early

First birthdays are interesting.  It’s a time of reflection.  Looking at your little one it’s hard to believe a whole year has passed.  Memories of their birth come flooding back.  Some good.  Some bad.  A year has given parents perspective and an appreciation for the big picture. 

But let’s face it.  The child is one.  They will not remember this day.  Is it really necessary to make such a big deal out of a first birthday?  Is it really necessary to invite so many people?  How many gifts does a one year old really need?  This is why many people take their child’s first birthday as an opportunity to buy something useful like a big screen TV. 

On the other hand, first birthdays are a rite of passage for a child.  This is when the pediatrician okays chocolate, eggs, peanut butter, ditching formula or breastfeeding for real milk, turning the car seat around, etc.  First birthdays are a big deal. 

I don’t know my sister and her husband’s stand on celebrating first birthdays but I could not sit back and do nothing for my niece.  She made such a grand entrance into the world.  I just reread the miraculous story on Candi’s blog and am still crying.  I would love to share it here but I respect Candi’s wishes to keep her blog private. 

We kept the party low key, same as all my kids’ first birthday parties.  We had cake and ice cream.  That was enough for Iz. 


She was very open to eating new food.  My kids were much more apprehensive with their first bites of cake! 


Here she is licking the number one candle.  Heath pointed out that Ed and Candi couldn’t use the candle again for another nine years or until they have another baby! 

Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-006 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-008

Did Isabel like the chocolate frosting?


Oh yes she did!  She attacked that candle. 

Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-009 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-011

Then Daddy put her in Gwen’s booster seat for her own piece of chocolate cake and ice cream.  It wasn’t until later we thought of pulling out the tray.  Oh well.  Isabel could barely see over the table but she was definitely excited. 

Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-012 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-016 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-017

That girl was in chocolate heaven.  She enjoyed her one year rite of passage two days early.  She couldn’t have been happier about it. 

After making her grand entrance into the world two months early, an early birthday party made sense!  We celebrated her birthday on Sunday because it was the best day to have the traditional Memorial Day barbecue.  My family was going home late Monday afternoon.  My mom called last night to say they made it home.  She said they took their time driving home because why rush a good road trip?  They detoured to Lake Tahoe for a while.  Isabel had a happy birthday spending the day with her parents and Grandma sight seeing on the way home. 

Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-021 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-023 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-019 Isabel's-First-Birthday-Party-020

Everyone agreed the cake was divine and the homemade chocolate ice cream really was cravable.  (How do you spell that word?  It has the squiggly red line under it no matter what I do.)  Heath found a fantastic recipe online and we have safely tucked it away with all our recipes.  We got a preview of the ice cream on Saturday night when we licked the paddle after making soft serve ice cream.  Then we put it in the freezer to make regular ice cream.  Sooooo good! 

Happy birthday Isabel.  We love you! 

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sugarpierdh said...

It was the Best First Birthday EVER!! Thanks for making it so great! The cake and ice cream were to die for. :)