Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Useful Unused List

Heath is sitting on the floor in front of the futon with his laptop on the ottoman.  He is working from home today because he had to call in sunburned.  When you can’t put on socks much less shoes or long pants, what else do you do? 

It was only three days but we made the most of those three days with my family.  Sunburns were only part of it. 

The List

On Friday Heath and I put together a list of fun, local activities to do with my family.  The list was written in a small black notebook, like a bachelor’s black book of phone numbers.  The notebook was consulted frequently. 

It turned out to be more of a guide than a to do list.  We ended up only doing one activity on the list.  But the original list primed our creativity resulting in crazy fun. 

White-Camera-011 White-Camera-012 White-Camera-004

This pool looks fun enough right? 

The air temperature was barely 80 degrees.  We were all decked out in lycra spandex clinging awkwardly to our multi colored bodies.  The sun sparkled across the enticing blue water. 

Heath pulled out Ed’s room key to open the gate.  No key required.  The door opened as easily as a closet door in a house.  The skeletons in a closet are typically as well hidden as those behind the pool gate.  Not a soul was at the pool.  Just the nine of us. 

Heath walked straight to the water and put Gwen in. 


He yanked her out while ice crystals immediately formed on his toes.  Gavin and Parker stepped in.  Same reaction.  Ed came.  Same reaction.  Then the manly competition began.  The daring to just get in. 

Candi brought Isabel over to the pool, kicking in anticipation.  Heath helped Ed lower her excited legs into the inflatable baby toy.  The girl did not even flinch.  A broad smile spread across her face.  Ed let go for a second and Isabel cried for fear of abandonment.  The icy glacier water had nothing to do with her tears.  Ed touched her foot and all was right with the world again. 

Well, if Iz can do it, so can the rest of the men.  In they all went.  The rest of us watched our toes turn blue as all feeling left our feet dangling in the water. 

White-Camera-003 White-Camera-007 White-Camera-010

My mom baked in the hot tub while Ed and Heath watched the kids for signs of hypothermia.  White-Camera-015 Eventually we all made it over to the hot tub.   The kids thawed out on the lounge chairs. 

Then a couple came and the man walked over to the pool.  All eyes were glued on this man.  Time moved in slow motion as if we were in a movie.  His foot stepped into the water.  He gripped the rail tighter while he involuntarily gasped.  He looked at his significant other and said, “That’s cold!”  We all burst into laughter.  We couldn’t help it.  She looked at us then back at him.  He saved face by diving straight in.  We all applauded and cheered.  His entire body was sunburned and the water helped soothe the sting. 

Since nobody’s hair was wet it was easy to get ready for dinner.  We dined at The Macaroni Grill. 


Love this picture.  Gavin is a blur and gravity is pulling my soggy tummy out!  At least that’s what I tell myself.  That and I hate this shirt because I always manage to get photographed in it and I never look good. 

White-Camera-023 White-Camera-024 White-Camera-028 White-Camera-030 Eating Gwen for dessert.White-Camera-031 Mom laughing.  The hilarity never ends.White-Camera-032

And that was Saturday with my family.  For the most part.  There was also deli meat packed in pockets, grocery shopping, marinating, cooking, potato salad making, cake baking, Bill Engvall giving an accurate depiction of a colonoscopy, and crave-able homemade chocolate ice cream. 

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