Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome Summer Vacation!

Saturday morning crept into our room with sunshine, high blood sugar, and Gavin standing at the gate saying an enthusiastic, “Welcome Summer Vacation!” It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

I had big plans for this summer. Top of the priority list was to spend time with my kids. Check. Having fun was a close second along with doing all the nothing one can cram into a day as possible.

Then I have a real list like get Gwen me off of sippy cups. She is perfectly capable of drinking out of a cup. She never spills and even remembers to keep the cup away from the edge of the table most of the time. I just find sippy cups much easier all the way around. Must get over this!

I also decided to wait until Gavin was out of school to potty train Gwen. Hmm, not sure if this was such a great idea. But reality is now is as good a time as any. At least we don’t have places we have to be every day. I just feel like I’m the one being trained in the beginning!

I took pictures of the potty chair outside yesterday and Gwen riding her trike wearing a t-shirt and a pull up. It was so white trash I couldn’t resist. But I think I will spare her the humiliation of having the pictures posted! I think a scrapbook page will be enough emotional damage.

So far I have done two days of the EA Active 30 day challenge on the Wii. I had to set up a new profile because I have tried the 30 day challenge twice in the last year or so. The time has definitely expired so I get no congratulations from Julio, my trainer. I finally finished it last month. It only took me a year to complete 20 days worth of exercises. That seems reasonable right? Well, I am doing it this time. I get my first rest day tomorrow. I haven’t even been doing my fitness ball afterwards but my abs are killing me. I am looking forward to a little break.

One thing I hate about any school vacation is the build up in all of our minds before it happens and finally having most of the vacation end in constant fighting. So I decided to schedule our days. I’m not an organized person but I find that my family and I really thrive on schedules.

I’m still working on fine tuning the daily schedule but so far the afternoon part is working pretty well. I get Gwen down for a nap then the boys work on academic type stuff. I had a friend, a sixth grate teacher, schedule her kids’ like this in the summer. At the time I thought she was a mean mother but I am starting to see some value in it. Gavin needs to work on his handwriting and the reading and math doesn’t hurt. Parker works on the same things too. They love it. For real. I love that the house is quiet in the afternoons.

Gavin and I have been reading in the Book of Mormon. His reading has improved so much in one school year. I was impressed with how little I had to help him yesterday. Parker loves to listen to books on CD and follow along. Today we read Dr. Seuss books together. Parker knows so much more than Gavin ever did before entering kindergarten.

Between all the potty training, exercising, academic practice, and playing, the days get away from me. I know I don’t have to blog every day but I like doing it. There’s just not much to say right now. Sorry this is such a boring post. I do have a Say What post I’ve been adding to for a while. I’ll post that next so you have something entertaining to read. I had to write this so I could get the writing juices going again.

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Dawn said...

Hey, I love this post. I heard so much of my time as a young mother in it. I still have two more days until school is out and I appreciate your reminder that we build it up so much and then waste too much of our time off.