Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Every person alive on the earth enjoys 24 hours a day.  It doesn’t matter if a person is rich or poor, educated or ignorant, young or old, you get the picture.  We all get 24 hours a day no matter what. 

Would you believe me if I told you I had a day that was longer than 24 hours?  What if I told you it felt like it was longer than 24 hours because of all the fun we crammed into our daily allotment of time? 

That’s a little strange considering that time seems to fly when one is having fun.  However, all the laws, cliché or not, were broken yesterday.

Gavin was so excited about his birthday and kept asking if it was almost his birthday.  I told him that his birthday would start at midnight and would last for 24 hours.  But like “The Summer of ‘69” it seemed to last forever and it was the best day of his life . . . so far. 

Here’s the run down.  If you think these types of posts are boring you can stop reading now. 

Operation Surprise

Heath and I wanted to wake Gavin up by sneaking into his room and yelling “Surprise!  Happy birthday!”  But he woke up crying at 5:45 because he had a bad dream.  Operation Surprise was aborted.  Gavin woke up somewhere around 7:00 and went downstairs to quietly play on the computer.  We heard him coming up the stairs so we hid behind our partially closed door and yelled out “Surprise!  Happy birthday!”  when he came up.  He was definitely startled but excited.  Operation Surprise was a success after all. 



We never planned on stretching the presents out over the course of the day but that’s what ended up happening.  I don’t know if it would work again but it worked out really well yesterday.  Gavin’s Primary teacher brought a gift over on Friday night.  She was going to Girl’s Camp this week with the Stake so she brought the gift early. 

She is the sweetest person I know.  I love that she cares about her Primary classes as much as she does.  Gavin was super excited but we made him wait until his birthday to open it. 


We let him open it before breakfast.  I love that he wore the birthday hat he got from school! 


He was very excited about the card! 

Gavin's-7th-bday-004 Gavin's-7th-bday-005 Gavin's-7th-bday-009 Gavin's-7th-bday-012 Gavin's-7th-bday-017 Gavin's-7th-bday-018 Gavin's-7th-bday-020

He got a Spiderman puzzle, a dinosaur coloring kit with stickers, a bug kit, Mike and Ike candy, and a racecar.  The morning was spent decorating the car, coloring, putting a puzzle together, and torturing bugs.  Actually I don’t think he caught any but he filled every spot in the bug kit with leaves so they could eat. 

After our picnic in the park (more on that later), we came home and Gavin opened his present from Grandma C. 

Gavin's-7th-bday-045 Gavin's-7th-bday-049 Gavin's-7th-bday-050

Watching Gavin struggle with opening the envelope was the best part! 

Gavin's-7th-bday-052 For all that effort, the gift was wrapped inside!  I could have helped Gavin open the envelope sooner but it was too fun to watch him work at it. 

Gavin's-7th-bday-056 Gavin's-7th-bday-063

My mom is brilliant!  She sent shark swim goggles and a beach towel.  Parker calls it a Shamu towel because of the whale on it. 

The day ended with Heath wrapping the presents from us. 


Wait a second!  Who’s birthday is this?  Why are Parker and Gwen opening the gifts?  We told Parker he could help Gavin open the Spiderman gift because it was for both of their birthdays from Gwen.  That girl has a lot of cash on hand for only being two!  It was a CD player for their bedroom.  The one they had before had an unfortunate accident.  It fell off the dresser.  Everything works fine except for the CD player part.  Of course, because that’s the only part they would use.  So now they can go back to falling asleep to the CD’s Santa made them for Christmas. 

Gwen just wanted to get in on the action of opening presents!  Gavin more or less let her.  It was a Toy Story 3 video game for the X Box.  The last gift was a Razor scooter.  Gavin wasn’t sure he wanted one but . . .  sshh! . . . don’t tell, Parker is getting one for his birthday! 


Gavin is a pancake loving fool so we had pancakes for breakfast.  He ate four or five.  I had two and was ready to puke!  I’m so not a breakfast person.  But with the help of my workout I was able to keep my blood sugar in line after such a heavy meal I normally skip. 

For lunch we were planning on doing KFC but as we turned the corner we saw Mr. Pickle outside and couldn’t resist.  Sandwiches were a little easier for a picnic anyway.  Plus, we can guarantee the kids will eat Mr. Pickle sandwiches while they are only interested in the box their KFC kids meal comes in!  For dinner Gavin wanted pizza.  So Heath grilled pizza.  It was so tasty. 

Gavin's-7th-bday-067 Gavin's-7th-bday-071 See the grill marks?

Gavin's-7th-bday-066 I made zucchini with a cheesy cracker something or other.  My mom used to make this when I was a kid and I loved it.  I used a ginormous zucchini and realized too late it was too much.  With the huge personal pizzas Heath made it was hard to find room in our stomachs for my zucchini dish I worked so hard on! 


Gavin sure loved his special dinner! 

Party Time!

The whole day was a party.  Heath was home.  This is a big deal since he always has to work on Gavin’s birthday.  The day after the 4th of July is typically a work day.  In fact, Gavin has celebrated his birthday on the 4th before because Heath was starting a new job on the 5th.  Having Daddy home was by far the best part of the day for Gavin. 


We had our picnic lunch at a local park with a water feature.  Gavin and Parker were in water logged little boy heaven. 


Gwen not so much.  This picture shows her walking with a small smile on her face through a puddle of water.  She is completely unaware that in about ten more seconds the water is going to come showering down from some tall poles in her path.  This girl has a serious aversion to getting wet.  I don’t know why. 


She spent almost the entire time in the safety of Dad’s arms.  Watching other kids have fun is good enough for Gwen. 

We finished up our park party by playing on the playground.  It was 90 degrees yesterday so we had the place to ourselves.  The kids went down the tube slide a million times because it was the only thing that didn’t burn on contact. 

We saw a little kid wearing swim goggles to play in the water.  What a great idea!  Part of me is sad Gavin didn’t open my mom’s present until after the park but Heath reminded me that we would have never thought to take the goggles with us for the kids to essentially run through the sprinklers. 

No worries.  Gavin was so stoked to get cool shark goggles and his very own beach towel that doesn’t have some company name on it because his parents won the beach towels from former jobs.  We reapplied coconut smelling sunscreen and filled the pool in the backyard while Gwen napped. 

I have to say, the backyard party was my favorite part of the day.  Heath and I put up the picnic table umbrella, drank Diet Coke, and ate Cheez Its while watching the boys play.  I tried to tan my legs while dangling my feet in the pool.  Didn’t happen.  We laughed a lot.  The boys ate a bunch of frozen punch pops.  We tickled and played Dodge Ball.  The boys used our empty bottles as rockets in the pool.  The fun we had doesn’t translate well into text but it was one of those magical moments where time stood still and we just had the best time being together. 

Parker didn’t want Heath to stop playing but it was getting late enough we needed to start making dinner.  My favorite line was when Parker said, “Dad, keep playing.  Mom, make dinner!”  I didn’t make dinner but I did help a lot.  My hands still smell like the onions I chopped. 

The evening ended with Gavin’s final gifts.  Even though it was bedtime we let Gavin test out his scooter.  Parker rode his bike and Gwen rode her trike.  Like I said, Gavin didn’t want a scooter.  He said he wasn’t ready for one yet. 


But he opened that bad boy and immediately forgot his former fears. 


He took off down the street without any hesitation.  Don’t you just love this picture? 


Heath couldn’t resist trying it out himself.  The instruction manual had been tossed aside.  If we were good consumers we would have read it, or at least skimmed it first.  And had we done that, we would have read that shoes are acceptable.  Sandals and bare feet are forbidden. 

I figure any idiot would know that bare feet are inappropriate when riding a bike or scooter or anything like that.  But we did it as kids and we also never wore helmets as kids because back then it wasn’t illegal to be helmetless.  So Heath decided as an adult he could do whatever he wanted. 

Then he learned why shoes are important. 


Heath burned the bottom of his foot.  It’s a terrible picture but there is a faint red circle in the middle of his foot.  Heath wanted to test out the brakes.  You put pressure on the back wheel covering and that’s how you get it to stop non Flintstone style.  Nobody bothered to mention that when you do that the friction makes the wheel covering really hot!  They didn’t think they needed to because good consumers would be wearing shoes or at least have some recollection of the laws of friction! 

We laughed and I took a picture while I heard Bill Engvall in my head saying, “Here’s your sign!”

Who knew we could cram so much 7th birthday fun into 24 hours!  Happy birthday, Gavin.  We sure are glad you are in our family. 

3 thoughts:

sugarpierdh said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Gavin!!! What a great day!

Dawn said...

And the day goes on. Grandpa sent a package UPS today.

I love how excited Gavin gets about his birthday. Last year it was so cute how much he wanted us to all jump out and yell, "Surprise!" I think family fun days are the best birthdays. Now I am lucky if I get a “Happy Birthday “ message from people. No big surprises or celebrations. Maybe next year on my big 60!

Becca Jane said...

YAY it's birthday month for our boys!!!!

I had a long day once....when we flew home from Nepal, (well, and Korea), we left at like 1 pm in the afternoon and got home at like 8 am the same day. Or something like that. It was weird. I re-lived my Tuesday twice.