Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Jealous Craving Satisfied . . . for now

What do you do when a reading craving hits?  Go to the library?  What a great idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Oh yeah, because my library doesn’t have anything. 

Oh it’s full of books alright.  Just nothing I am actually looking for.  My friends update their goodreads bookshelves and I get interested in a book they’ve reviewed.  Or I read someone’s book recommendation on their blog.  (Help 4 New Moms' Claudine Wolk has great book reviews and recommendations)  I somehow catch wind of a book that sounds great and I look it up at my library. 

Many times that book is not at my library (anything written by Dr. Laura Schlesinger).  Or it’s only an audio book (Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card).  More often than not the computer tells me to check the shelf.  When I do the book is not there.  I don’t know how many times I have checked for Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury to not see it on the shelf.  Good thing I’ve already read it right?  I just want to read it again because it’s a classic and I remember loving it. 

Trips to the library are frustrating for me.  I have craved reading so much that I will start pulling out books with interesting titles and covers.  Never judge a book by its cover?  Sometimes it’s worth the risk.  I’ve found some decent books this way.  I’ve found some real duds this way too!

The fact that my library not only had The Cure by Geeta Anand listed but also on the shelf was nothing short of miraculous for me.  That’s how bad my library is. 

Robert Fulghum recently posted about his new book Third Wish.  He said that the book has been available for over a year now and it’s not selling well in the United States.  It’s selling fine in other countries just not here.  Because of this Amazon has some killer deals on the book with free next day shipping.  If you’re interested you can read about it here.  Keeping The Cure miracle in mind I thought I would see if Third Wish was available to check out.  My library has no record of its existence.  Grrr! 

It’s ok because while I have read every book I own at least twice, I haven’t read all of Heath’s books.  His dad bought him Empire by Orson Scott Card for Christmas.  Since Heath already had the book in paperback he gave that copy to my brother.  The book has always looked interesting to me but I’ve never picked it up to read.  Until now. 

I am only about halfway through it and I have to say it’s the creepiest piece of fiction I have ever read.  I love it.  It’s calling my name right now.  Shh . . . can you hear it? 

I guess my point with this post is that I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of people who read a million books in a week like my mother in law or most of my friends.  I’m jealous because I haven’t figured out how to multitask well enough to read a million books a week.  I read a book in two or three days depending on how long I can ignore my adult responsibilities like showering daily and feeding my children.  I’m also jealous of people who can go to their local library and pick up whatever they want whenever they want. 

It’s ok.  Empire was a happy accident.  It’s now shouting my name so I think I’ll allow myself to be sucked into a reality that could very well be a reality one day.  Happy reading everyone!

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Chantalle Bishop said...

I had a list of stuff and went to the library last summer and couldn't find any either! I have heard the library over here is great though. And since you are in the county, you can join it. Your library used to be in the county till they decided to make it just the city. With the county one you can get anything in the county and it gets there like the next day!
John asked me once what I was going to do when all the kids are away at college/missions. I told him I would finally get to my reading list :) As and English major and a reader since I was 3, I am having a hard time having no time to read but it will come one day...