Saturday, July 17, 2010

King For a Day


My little man turned 5 yesterday. 

Lately the same thoughts have been on a continuous loop in my mind.  Over and over.  I think about how I feel on Gavin’s birthdays.  It never bothers me.  It always makes sense that he’s celebrating the birthday he is.  The fact that he’s now 7 seems perfectly reasonable.  It feels like it’s been seven years.  But to watch Parker follow two years behind is weird. 

When Gavin turned 5 it was exciting.  It meant he could go to kindergarten.  Now Parker is 5 and I don’t remember saying that was OK.  Parker has been ready for kindergarten for at least a year now but I’m having trouble wanting to let go of him.  I secretly wonder if I hold him long enough I can keep him as sweet and innocent as he is now and never have to let outside sources change him in any way. 

But it must be.  Kids grow up and each new stage brings blessings and joy never before imagined. 

Speaking of kindergarten, Parker has been looking forward to his 5th birthday since Gavin started first grade.  All year I told him he could go to school after he turned 5.  At one point yesterday Parker announced, “I’m going to school tomorrow because I’m 5 now!”  Heath laughed and told him to have fun since nobody would be there with it being a Saturday in July. 

Parker’s special day was every bit as magical as Gavin’s birthday was eleven days earlier.  Heath took the day off.  The kids love having their daddy home. 

We had asked Parker what he wanted to do on his birthday.  He would always get this vacant goofy smile on his face but never know what to pick.  So we gave him a couple of choices to get his mind going.  We suggested going out to lunch then bowling.  Or we could drive to Tracy and eat at Sonic.  Since it’s a long drive the kids could watch a movie of Parker’s choosing in the van on the way.  There is no Sonic near where we live so when we get a craving for it, not that it’s even that good it’s just not a choice, we drive to Tracy.

Bowling was tempting to Parker because he loves bowling.  But the option of watching a movie in the van was the more brilliant choice in Parker’s mind.  That boy is all about movies.  Lucky him he got to watch three yesterday!  The kids watched The Hobbit while eating pancakes.  Then two movies in the van. 

We headed out to Tracy with Toy Story playing.  Parker had chosen the original Toy Story because that one has Andy’s birthday in it.  How cute!  We watched the temperature rise to one million degrees.  Well, 101 but that’s hot enough.  Heath wanted to eat somewhere else so we could eat inside but we stuck to our guns and ate outside at Sonic.  There were tables in the shade with lots of fans overhead. 

The kids got Sonic slushes for lunch.  Had we known that was all we needed to get for them we would have.  But we got the slushes in place of a drink in the kids meals.  And then watched the kids pick at their food any time we reminded them to eat something.  They would make really good keynote speakers at a how to seminar for eating disorders.  “This is how you stir your food around a bit to make it look like you’ve eaten something.”

Parker’s gifts were opened in two different sessions.  I keep wondering when he’s going to realize he gets pretty much the same thing Gavin gets.  Oh but he’s still young so there’s a lot of anticipation.  Eleven days is a long time for me to wait for Parker to have his own stuff!  So I was pretty anxious about gifts this year too. 

We started with the Grandma presents. 


Gwen thought the presents were for her.  “My birthday!  My birthday!” she kept saying.


She was not amused to be told no. 


And started a sobbing tantrum.

Parker's-5th-birthday-007 Parker's-5th-birthday-008 Parker's-5th-birthday-009 Parker's-5th-birthday-012

Parker was so excited to get his own swim goggles and beach towel from my mom.  He had been hoping for this stuff since Gavin’s birthday.  The boys were so ready to swim after Sonic.

Parker's-5th-birthday-016 Parker's-5th-birthday-038

These are my favorite pictures!  And those special goggles from Grandma, do you feel special?  I do!

Parker's-5th-birthday-013 Parker's-5th-birthday-014

The boys opened their presents from Grandma and Grandpa together.  They changed their clothes immediately!  And Parker wore the outfit again today.

The second birthday present party was poolside. 


Paper was flying in an excited frenzy. 


Could it be?


Yes!  It is a Lightning McQueen remote controlled racecar! 

Parker's-5th-birthday-031 Parker's-5th-birthday-034

The scooter Parker had been begging for since March paled in comparison to Lightning McQueen.  Goggles and towels were ditched for the car.  The scooter box sat forgotten on the picnic table outside the rest of the afternoon. 


The grilled pizza Parker requested for dinner even took a backseat. 


Birthday cake and Lightning were all Parker could think about. 


Being King for the day lasted until 9:30 pm.  The stars in his eyes and this genuine smile made every moment of the day worth it.  My boy is now 5.  He couldn’t be happier about it.  Happy birthday Parker.  We love you!

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday Parker!!

Dawn said...

You do know that with those goggles and towels the boys are ready for swimming lessons?

Happy Birthday, Parker.