Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lazzzy Days of Summer

Last night Parker fell asleep on the couch.  I carried him up to bed and wanted to cry because I loved holding him like that.  Who said my cuddly Parker could turn 5 tomorrow? 

Today Gwen climbed right into bed after she changed out of her swimming suit.  I decided not to rock the boat and remind her I was going to give her a snack and then make her sit on the potty again before her nap.  If she was going to be that tired I was going to walk out of the room and never look back.  Well, except to give her a great big hug when she asked for one. 

The house is quiet. 

How did my babies get so tired?  Part of it is because yesterday was the beginning of several days in a row reaching one million degree temperatures. 

100-degrees-003 100-degrees-004 100-degrees-006

I made homemade slurpees.  I turned my back for five seconds to grab my camera.  As soon as I opened the door I heard Gwen screeching at the top of her lungs and the boys yelling, “Mom!  Mom!”  Gwen was still sitting in her chair where I had left her.  I was wondering what could have possibly happened.  Then I saw.  She had accidentally dumped the slurpee on herself and between surprise and being covered in icy lemonade, she was screeching.  No biggie.  I scooped it back into her cup.  Then hosed her off and she enjoyed the heck out of slurping it up the straw. 


I wedged the cup between her legs because she’s too short to reach the table easily.  She looks so tired.  Poor baby.

The other reason why the kids are wiped out by the end of the day is we’ve been playing hard this summer.  Parks in the morning, riding bikes and playing in the pool.  Sometimes with friends and sometimes just us. 


Gwen decided she was finally OK with playing in the pool.  Get the air hot enough and anyone would want the refreshment of cool water. 


The water wasn’t even cold on my toes today.

100-degrees-016 100-degrees-019


This picture is my favorite.


This one too.  I love the smile on Gavin’s face.  I love the foreshortening in his legs.  It makes him look like a little boy.  I have always had the hardest time seeing Gavin as his true age.  He has always seemed so much older to me.  I’m probably too hard on him as a result.  I have to remind myself that he’s only 7.  He’s still in the pre-operational stage.  He’s not all grown up yet.  I still have little kids and I need to remember that.  They are so sweet. 

You can’t see it in the picture above but this boy is a nice golden brown color.  Since my scale for summer fun is based on how tan I get, I know at least Gavin is having a blast!  He’s getting really dark.  I hope the other two will find some melanin soon. 


One last picture.  Body prints.  This is how the kids warm up after being in the frigid water on days that don’t reach the triple digits.  They also do a couple of these before they run inside to drip all over my floor while they race to the bathroom.  The body prints don’t dry them enough but they think it’s faster than a towel when they’ve really got to pee.  This is a great picture of body prints.  This one will make me smile when I see it on screensaver in the winter. 

All of those pictures explain why we all crash every night.  It’s been a beautiful summer.  How has everyone else’s summer been?

4 thoughts:

Dawn said...

I remember those kinds of hot days when I was growing up in California. Hot sidewalks felt so good on cold bodies. I remember my little brother turning blue during swimming lessons in the “cold” mornings. It was probably at least 75 degrees on those mornings, But it sure seemed cold. I have no idea how we survived without air-conditioning. Now I just hide from the hea-- if and when it comes. I LOVE the new heat pump. It is always “just right” in the house now.

Becca Jane said...

That's how the past few weeks have been for us....the kids can hardly walk straight (especially Cam) by the end of the day! Sadly, it leads to major meltdowns, but hopefully they'll start catching up on their sleep now that things have slowed back down. Roo is teething too (molars!), so that's been rough on all of us!

I LOVE Gwen's swimming suit, it's SO pretty! Wow, your boys are 5 & 7!!! If you figure out a way to slow all of this down, let me know!

Jenni said...

I love that little pool! It's been hard to find a pool here this year! You'd think Wal-Mart would be a good place but they haven't had many to choose from this year! Our summer has been good so far, aside from me being sick a lot! I was thinking, "How nice, I'll be having a winter baby so I won't be miserable all summer". Well, I'm not hot and huge, but being sick doesn't feel much better. Oh well! :) It'll be worth it!
My kids can't walk straight by the end of the day either. Something about playing outside all day in the hot sun. I love it when they get into bed and crash though.
(P.S. How do you know McCall Probert? I see she is a follower on your blog and I went to school with her!)

Tristan said...

Jenni, I'm sorry you're so miserable. I was excited to find out in July that I was pregnant with Gwen. Yay, I won't be big and miserable, I thought. But I froze that whole summer. It was hot but I felt so cold and grabbed sweatshirts and blankets when the A/C kicked on.

I don't know McCall Probert. I love it when strangers are brave enough to come out of blog lurker hiding and actually click to follow me!