Sunday, July 18, 2010

Master Manipulator

Gwen has this new trick of demanding things right when we’re about to close her door for the night. What bugs me about it is she will point in a general direction and say, “I want that.”

Me: What? What do you want?
Gwen: That.
Me: What’s that?
Gwen: That one.

Then I close the door out of sheer exasperation. She screams her head off until we finally go back in. It’s awesome because we are effectively teaching her that it’s ok to cry until she manipulates us to do her nefarious bidding.

Tonight was no exception. She asked for something and because I couldn’t understand her and I knew she was just stalling anyway, I told her she was fine and shut the door. For the next 10 minutes she screamed like her best friend had died in her arms. I committed a Mommy crime and went back in to try to talk some sense into her.

Me: What do you need?
Unintelligible scream sobbing that sounded like she said she can’t sleep.
Me: What? You can’t sleep?
Gwen: Yeah.
Me: Could it be because you are screaming?
Gwen: Yeah.
Me: Then you need to stop crying, close your eyes, and go to sleep.
Gwen: Ok, Mommy.

Her door has been dark and silent ever since.

Her other thing is to turn on her light and play after we've gone back downstairs. The other night it was about 11 pm when we went to bed. Gwen's light was on. As she heard her dad walk up the stairs she immediately turned her light off. But there were no tiny footsteps running for bed like we usually hear when she's caught.

So Heath went in to investigate and she was laying on the floor in the dark playing with her Little People zoo animals. Heath got her into bed and she started wailing and whining for her animals. He simply said goodnight and closed the door. Then he shut our door and eventually she fell asleep. That girl!

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Dawn said...

See if that one works again. tee-he