Sunday, July 25, 2010

There once was a girl . . .

My sweet Little Miss has a dark side complete with high pitched, incessant wailing and thrashing of feet. One moment she is sugar and spice and everything nice and the next moment she is a demonic holy terror. My mouth just gapes open at her and my eyes open wide. Although the fact that she is my daughter never escapes my attention.

My mom used to repeat this nursery rhyme to me:

Once there was a girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid.


Now I have a little girl with lots of curls that I try to comb straight on her forehead. And when she is good she is so very good and when she doesn’t get her way she is horrid.

It’s not the terrible two’s. I don’t even believe in the terrible two’s. My kids do the terrific two’s and terrible three’s. Until now. I hope. Heaven help me if three is worse!

I don’t think it’s the terrible two’s. I think it’s more that she thinks she’s two going on thirteen. In moments of conflict it’s not a good thing. I find myself thinking several times a day, “You are two years old. I’m in charge here!” In her defense, she puts up a good fight. If only she can act that way if some guy tries to take advantage of her.

In moments of autonomy this whole idea of being two going on thirteen is interesting.


Today she walked to Nursery with her best friend. Heath asked me how Gwen got to Nursery today. The story I heard from my friend, Gwen’s best friend’s mom, suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

After Sacrament Meeting was over Gwen was very excited and asked if it was time to go to Nursery. I said, “Yes, you can go to Nursery now.” The boys and Gwen squeezed past me and ran off to Primary and Nursery. I thought Heath was right behind Gwen because he normally is.

Before Gwen got out of the chapel, Rebekah saw her and the two of them walked to the Nursery together. As soon as they saw their Nursery leader they followed her in to the room. Michelle, Rebekah’s mom, was proud of the progress her daughter has made in the last year. Rebekah used to cry and cling and hate to be left in the Nursery. Now she was confidently walking there with her friend. Alone. Two little two year olds acting like grown ups walking to class.

Meanwhile Heath and I were unaware of this whole situation. Heath took the quiet books back to the van and realized Gwen was not with him. He was slightly panicked. Where was his little girl? It’s a church building but still. She’s two. He thought maybe I took her. So he poked his head in the Nursery and there she was happily playing with Rebekah and the other little kids.

Now that we know the whole story we just laugh. Gwen is crazy. She thinks she can do whatever she wants.

Heath got some great video of Gwen last night at the Heritage Day Picnic. It’s a celebration of the Mormon Pioneers crossing into the Salt Lake Valley in Utah on July 24, 1847.

Gwen is so funny. She amazes me with the things she wants to do like dancing and now jumping rope. She has never seen anyone jump rope. It’s nothing but I feel like I have my hands full with this little girl!

2 thoughts:

Jenni said...

Wow, this is what I possibly have to look forward to, huh?! ;) At least she's so darn cute. It might even be tougher on you if she couldn't look up at you with those giant, root beer brown eyes as she's pleading her case. :) Keep your chin up, if it can't get worse, it's bound to get better!!!

Becca Jane said...

Yeah, girls are sassy little things, huh! I'm seeing glimpses of it more and more. The differences between boys and girls start at such a young age, it's been interesting to watch with my kids. They have different personalities anyway, but I can tell that some things Cam does just because he's "all boy" and Roo definitely has her sassy girl moments!

CUTE picture of Gwen! I wish all our kids could play together and we could sit in the shade drinking lemonade...